Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teabo Tuesdays:Comcast Night

The Comcast Goodies in the kids bags.

Frank set up the table for the kids to do projects. He has everything ready for them from head gear to pole gaffs.

Perfect sign for boys ;0

At the warehouse where all the equipment if kept
Teacher Tom teaching us all about how cable is ran from one house to amplifier and the tap and the fiber optics I really don't know what I am talking about but it sounds cool huh?!

Aidan having dad try on the climbing belt

Frank showing boys how to make cable jumpers

Ruby with dads gloves
The monitor that check the you know the stuff
Do I look like i know what I am doing I so don't :)

Our Comcast Tuesday night was a blast! We took the kids to Franks office and when we arrived sweet Shelly had a bag of goodies for the kids. Frank took us on a tour of the office and the greatest part was Tom who is an instructor at Comcast University gave us a lesson on how cable works! We came home and Frank had the table all set out to teach us how to split, splice and hook up cable. The kids really loved the hands on adventure. We then had TV dinners (yes for mom ;0) get it TV ;). Good times!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The hmmmm about God- Brooke Fraser Albertine Video

Something one my heart lately asking God how come? Things that make go HMM?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is Aidan two one years old look at his sausage fingers ;)!

A while back I wrote about my sons new found diagnosis called Sensory Processing Disorder. When I found out about it I decided to read and research everything about this disorder. We have the boys in Occupational Therapy once a week and are currently making a sensory room for Aidan where he is allowed to run and release his energy in a safe way. Its been a hard journey for us but enlightening to see the light at the end of the tunnel that these boys will be okay after all! Out of boys I would say that Aidan's sensory issues is ten fold more difficult to handle than Josiah's. Aidan has down right rage and melts down for things that I can not calm him down easily. There is no way to explain the way the house shakes when he is in rage! He is also always falling down and making unsafe choices, he bumps into things tons and breaks things around the house not on purpose but because he has no awareness of his body. Aidan is sensory seeking so touch is something he craves also falling down and bumping feels good to him.
Yesterday I had a conference with five of the professionals on his IEP (individualized Education Plan) for the special Ed preschool program he is in now. 5 people discussing my sons disabilities. Aidan is below average on speech, Fine Motor, Gross Motor but not enough to qualify him for any special needs programs. Although he qualifies in social he has issues with his peers. There was more things said at the meeting that Frank and I are keeping in the tight box, but it left me with a huge uneasy feeling, I don't have a peace with him at this school for right now. Friends suggested that I go in and ''observe'' the class room and write down some thing I think the teachers may need help with or any tips, I plan to do this. Although I just feel that he is still misunderstood that the things he is doing at school have to do with his sensory more than him being disobedient or looking for attention. I can see why so many moms school their special needs children at home, a mom understands her child better than anyone else. I feel like mind has been misunderstood :( I understand they are the professionals and they know for the most part what their talking about but I really didn't feel like they knew alot of this disorder which made me a little surprised. I know my son is not the first and not the last who will enter they doors with this, however if he is not liking to go to school even one bit, I can imagine its because he does not feel successful in what he is doing, and I hate that he feels this way! Tomorrows observation will be my deciding factor for letting him stay home with mom till kindergarten.
After my big talk I asked Frank to get a sitter and take me to get some wine, I am a light weight so I drink half a glass and I am a goner, I had a whole glass last night ;)
Pray for my precious little lamb, he is no mistake God placed him in my womb for good purpose He is so funny, and adorable, and smart, and wonderfully made. Pray that I remember that in the times of this boys loss of control to which I feel like I have lost it to, but I cant at this time. For him I cant!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Budget Mamma Part Dos

I hate to brag but really I must! I am really cutting back on our budget and its been a challenge yet very rewarding! I would shop for Seventh Generation Diapers and wipes only and organic hair products and so on, until my hubby showed me the final line on where the economy has taken us and well what we have done to ourselves also. So wanted to share that the picture with the diapers cost me a total of $10.40 cents (Walgreen's) then the products with the applesauce cost me $ 3.15 (Target) serious!! I get all my deal finding at the website called money saving mom.
The break down Target:
1.69 original for the applesauce I printed out a coupon (cp) from here and then some from here that's 1.55 cents in coupons that you can stack because one is a store and one is from the manufacture making the applesauce .14!!!
2.00 for the Mens Gillete body wash on sale this week. I used a $2 off cp from the Sunday paper making it free! I had three cps so I got 3 for free!
The Johnson and Johnson was free also and the Febreeze was .50 cents. The razor was .99 cents

Walgreen's :Diapers were 3.00!! Look at the blog for the write up on the diapers! One day I will be able to use my favorite products and there are some things I wont compromise but free is awesome! Plus I get another rebate on the diaper and wipes 75cents each from this website so total for the diapers and wipes without tax is .75 cents people hear that .75 cents...WOHHOO I am on a roll, watch out :)!

Teabo Tuesday: Dinosaur Jurasic Night!

Dino Decor and brush from around the house! There were jelly bean eggs at the scene and then some odd reason they diapered out into the thin air!

My great investment for this night was a cast iron mold I purchased at Target it was $22 spendy :( but I used this mold for the corn bread, believe it or not for the baked macaroni, for the banana bread also, and I am sure it will have more use!
Dino Library next to of course the lava lamp! Books courtesy of the Timberland Library.

Fossil making with Plaster of Paris and clay, get the recipe here.

He is such a great reader!
Dino Egg Relay Race it was a tide well Owen won by a foot but its okay ;)

Lava Flow Drinks Delish! The recipe Here
Erupting Volcano was the hit of the night, the kids mixed and added for about 20 minutes we had a mess, but they had such fun learning about carbon dioxide actually they didn't really hear my science lecture, but I think I learned! Find the recipe here.

This was a mad dance I made up. Okay so I had a brilliant idea to split the families the A-Team vs. The Teabo Tribe in a dance off to the song "Everyone Walk the Dinosaur'' by WAS, you must remember?! Uncle Dave pooped the idea :O so we just jammed all together to it, and I made up this rad move oh yea, it was rad! That's right I am bringing that word back!

Last Activity was planned by Aidan its a game re renamed ''Dino Dino where is your egg, somebody took it from your nest". The game of the hidden egg, or chap stick.

This week we had the privilege to have the A-Team over the Andersons for our Tuesday night fiasco! What fun! We live in the same town as Franks sister and family and send our kids to the same school yet the rush of life just makes this much needed time so sweet! We heart them!
I made my boys choose a game or activity to plan and be responsible for Josiah choose reading about fossils and the relay game and Aidan was the Dino Dino game. We laughed tons and it was sweet.
Thanks A- Team for coming over and adding to a spectacular memory building night!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teabo Tribe Tuesdays: Chef Night

With your teacher from the Teabo Tribe Chef Natalia!

Two Thumbs up for the idea!!
Lesson in session
The Restaurant Le Teabo
Look at the mess I have to clean up behind me...yahoooo!

Okay is she not the cutest chef you have even layed eyes on!

Finished product!

Lesson Two:

Surprise, what the kids didn't know is that the meals the made where for meal on wheels, we were on our way to deliver them to our sick Auntie Amy who has the yucky flu!
The Caterers/Chefs in action

Cookies yummy!

Tonight we had Chef Night. Got the idea from Jacinda's Blog. It started out fantastic. The kids made meals in little tins. They loved the idea of making it like this. We taught the boys how to measure with a measuring spoon and the measuring cup. We also taught them some very basic lunch items they love grilled cheese and how to hard boil an egg. They were fascinated that they got to use white bread and I even bought them hand cheese, you know that Kraft that lives in plastic, yucky, but it melts way better than cheddar so we used it for the lesson. They were excited to be able to fry stuff. After the dinner timer went off we surprised them and told them the dinner they just made was for their cousins and Auntie and Uncle. I had already made dinner and left it in the oven while we delivered our goods.
We then had some fun and games planned, but dad felt terribly sick and ended up in bed, so we made out cookies and watched Ratatouille the chef rat. This night was not what I had in mind. Aidan had two time outs, Ruby was getting into every thing, Aidan cried a few times, dad got sick. I have to learn to roll with the punches, and allow flexible times! All in all chef night was great!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!