Thursday, February 26, 2009

What has your faith cost you?

I have not posted much about the country so close to my heart Africa. God is teaching me to pray without ceasing for the billions of children with no home, and for my purpose in this huge heartache. I love my Thursday morning group we gather and pray and chat about that close to Gods heart the poor and the orphaned all over the world. Last week in our study I read something that made a vast revelation to me. The answer to the AIDS crises....this is a shocker...THE CHURCH!
" The churches around the world is growing at the rate of 60,000 new converts a day. To stop the HIV/AIDS pandemic requires something growing faster than the 14,000 new infections every day and the church fits the bill." Kay Warren from the book Dangerous Surrender!
We as a church a body of Christ we are the answer to such a dark and hopeless future.
We are so comfortable in our cushy lives hell I will say it, we may be struggling as a nation and have plenty of bills to go around, but really we got it good in comparison. Yet we as the church we have also clung to the fantasy that faith wont cost a thing. Really what has your faith cost you?
This question has been ringing in my mind for weeks now. In my surrender to Christ can I honestly say that I will follow his will and lay down my own for HIM no matter the cost? After all He only has given His Whole life for me!!


Erica said...

Oh my friend this post sings the song of my soul. I struggle not to get so upset at the "church" and find myself in a "funk" over the lack of passion. Then I wake up and realize its not my job, its Gods and just like anyone else simply a vessel. A willing and broken vessel. Thank you for this reminder. We all need it.

The Gresham Clan said...

AMEN sister!! Faith does cost us, but what we gain in the end through Christ can never be compared to anything we might hope for on this earth. Thanks for this today Natalie - just what I needed to hear!

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