Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Morning with the Teabo Tribe

I set the table with some valentine surprises, pirate loot for the boys, and sweet little purses and pearl necklaces.
I extended a valentines note for each child from the ceiling using fishing wire, the loved this and it look so cool hanging over their chairs.

The centerpiece was just stuff from around my house, my gaol was not to break the bank, while giving the kids something sweet and spacial this morning.

The boys as they were coming down the stairs in the morning at about 7:00am sharp :)

Sweet Valentine strawberries, I also attempted to make heart pancakes, but while at the store I noticed ,now that I am on a serious crunch budget, how expensive pancake mix is, so I attempted to make my own buttermilk pancakes (not pictured.) Lets just say it came out more like a Johnny cake, if you have ever been the Jamaica or the Caribbean you will know what I mean. It matched the pirate them a bit, so there you go!
Strawberry milk, but of course served in a skull cup ahh LOVE!

My niece Natalie enjoying the festivities with us!

Look at this sweetie! We had such fun this morning, and it didn't take that much time of prep work. The kids loved the detail and even though I had something more elaborate in my mind of what I wanted it to look like, I am just working on being flexible! I am making some neat plans for Snowman night on Tuesday cant wait to post pictures.


missy said...

how cute! what a fun way to celebrate.

Michael said...

I love it!! I did the same kinda thing yesterday morning for my kiddos.....My daughter had her party at school yesterday so I wanted to start her day off with a small party at home:) We must think the same....we need to meet in real life:)


Sarah said...

love the letters coming down idea. i will definately use that!

The Gresham Clan said...

Seriously - you are too cute! What an amazing breakfast for you kids!!

I'll be praying for you Natalie, about your little boy in S.Africa. Heartbreaking for him, but our God is BIG - in that you are SO right!!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!