Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tottaly Tubular Teabo TribeTuesdays!

Teabo Tribe Tuesdays for short :)! Our friends Jodie and Mike inspired us to do a family night weekly. I have tried this in the past but we have let other plans interrupt this sacred time. After reading the rules Jodie's family has enforced on their Family Fun Fridays we have decided to regain that for our family and stick to it. Our night are on Tuesdays because Frank has that day off also because it begins with the letter T, if you know me, I am corky that way! Our Family fun begins right when we get the kids from school, and we turn off our cell phones, don't answer the phones, we don't check face books, we are 100 percent about our family only.

My friend Jodie made a point when she said 'these family nights are about creating memories, about strengthening the foundation of love and trust in our family. They are like beacons of safety, like lighthouses in a raging storm. We plant these beacons and erect these lighthouses so that when the rough seas come (and they inevitably do), we have something tangible to hold on to, something to show us the way home and what matters.'' Thank you Jodie for that much needed insight!

The last two weeknights we went out for a fun dinner this week we went to Chucky Cheese, but its breaking the bank, and not that exciting to eat out with the whole family, its lots of work to add, we go really fast, and we are ready to get the check very quick. so I have done a little research on fun family night ideas and have found some really awesome families with lots of creative juices to make family night fun, stay at home and be really different. This is one I love. So our next Totally Tubular Teabo Tribe Tuesdays which has been shortened to Teabo Tribe Tuesdays um I added the totally tubular by the way because those words need to come back, will be Snow Night. Stay tuned for my attempt at pulling together a fun night that's cool, spacial and relaxing for the family.

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The Redman's said...

Too fun!! We started this too and our last one was snow night (got the idea from the same gal!!!)

LOVE IT!!!!!!

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