Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom Confessional

One thing I love BLOGS :) I just love them love them! Its been the best invention since coffee :)
I think its funny how you can look into someone life and see wonderful perfect pictures and the people seem to have an almost celebrity feel. Like you can just sit and watch their life and totally get them! So, I am taking this time to confess some not so perfect snapshots about my day (minus the pictures, because where is the camera when you really need it?)

* Cleaned out the van and filled a 5 gallon bag of trash, no not kidding. Found a growth of some sort I think it may have been an orange at one time.
* Had a talking to from Aidan's preschool teacher, was told that Aidan has been talking to much about weapons and he told his teachers that all he does all day is play video games. Mind you we have the Wii and the kids earn times on it, but by all means that's all he does, play Wii, never goes outside, never plays, never does projects, yes thats the mom I am. He also told the teacher that he has been playing with matches outside, not surprised by this, I found a pack of matches by the driveway....yes was less than excited about this one. My favorite is the preschoolers draw out what they get to do that day and Aidan's plan involved strangling a bad I got a real good talking to!
*Found gum in Ruby's mouth don't know where she got it from don't know how long its been there.
* sat on a something wet on the toilet seat and it was not pee :O! My sons have the stomach flu nuf said!
*Wiped Rubys nose today with a dirty sock, it was the closet thing to me at the time okay!
* laid my sick self on the couch today and watched 7th heaven while Ruby napped and my other sick one played on the computer.

Now If I had the camera by my side and took snap shots of all this I am sure you would burst out loud laughing, just had to share a tiny bit of the day.


The Albertsons said...

your life sounds a whole lot like mine!
i just found you thru the bottomly's blog :).
glad to have found someone willing to admit the imperfections (i do regular "confessions" too!).
keep it real!

The Tulloss Family said...

Good to know you're human like the rest of us! Ha Ha!

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Oh I so know what you are saying. Mommyhood is not nearly as glamorous as we want it to be. Some days all I do is growl at my kids like I'm a nasty pirate. Thanks for the laugh.

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