Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mama on a budget

I have been serious about crunching on our budget, we have made many financial mistakes in our marriage that we are still paying for and it makes me so sad that we can not do some of things God would want us to do because of our finances,I know He is HUGE and that is no problem for him. But I sure didn't help him out any be wanting more more more!! So I am being a good steward of the money we have to make the dollar stretch really far. This was one of my goals for the year and I have had the great help of some friends that meet once a month to chat about budget ideas my guru Tracey has been tons of help! Here is some samples of my good finds.

$42.00 on all these grocery's, I got tons of stuff.From yours truly the Grocery outlet, I am very picky about what I feed my family, I even get teased for it, I stay aways from yucky stuff! The milk was 89. because it expires next week, hello my family will down it in just a time flat, its also the good milk RBST or hormones, I got brown eggs at 3.89 for 20 jumbo, organic tube yogurt for 1.29, Pacific Soy at 1.29., soy dogs for .99cents, ( I made it today, it was a fail buy!) With Grocery Outlet you get what you get, most times you wont see the same things and check the dates, the Yogurt I freeze and add it to lunches so thats a good stocking option.

Got the cereal for 50. a box and the milk for free! Albertsons had a sale buy 4 cereal boxes for 1.99 a box with Coupons I got them down to .50 because I had a save 1.50 and I had 4 of them! So this ended up being $1.96 and they also had buy four boxes get a milk free not bad for under $2.00!
.50 a box at Albertsons also using sale promotions and Coupons, this was a treat for the kids, because I don't like these so much they are a ''filler'' food with not a lot of nutrients.
.50 a box with the same promotionAll this bread for $20 bucks at the Franz outlet I spent $20 so they gave me 4 loafs for free! Cant beat that I got good hearty whole wheat bread too so 9 loaves, 2 mini bagels, 2 pita breads, 2 burger breads, and 3 English muffins 2 big bagels that is 20 items for 20 bucks. If you are local to Olympia the Franz outlet is located off Martin Way past the movie theater.
Don't know why this is coming out sideways I but spent $14.00 of my own pocket with this shopping with rebates and Coupons at Walgreen's. I got the cough drops for 49 cents a piece, and moose for my locks at 1.33 a piece using coupons the Zucol cold is free with rebate and I made 1.00 with the razor!
I gotta say its work but really its so worth it. Here is one of my favorite blogs that has tons of tips, get yourself educated in the world of Coupons your husband will be so proud!


The Redman's said...

YOu rock! I'm starting to do more couponing myself. :) I tried out the Grocery Game.... it's fun!

Jill said...

I don't know if you have a Winco near you but they have the best prices I've found anywhere. Jill

Our journey said...

Nice job Nat! I am glad Traci is so helpful and such a good teacher for us : )

Michelle Riggs said...

You are doing great! I know it is hard to work on finances, but you are doing wonderful. God will bless your family.

Jennifer Meysenburg said...

Love this post!!!! You go girl!

Lindsey said...

Wow! This is amazing. Good for you. I should get organized and try this.

Kari Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the money saving mom website. I looked at it today and she posted today that if you go to, you can get a free download that she chose. I am downloading it now and will see if it is worth it! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Meysenburg said...

Love this post Natalie!!!

Erica said...

I'm back to coupon queenin' it again. I haven't for several years. Here we have coupon sense which is pretty good and is also a great resource! Looks good! I'm currently LOVING CVS deals!

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