Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I heart Pike Place Market


I had the great opportunity to go to Pike Place this past Sunday with my sister. Its one of my favorite places in all of Washington, I love the smell (yes the stinky fish smell) the food, the music the cameras on the tourist, its full of culture and beauty. I like to do what I call taste of Pike Place where you but small treats from different vendors and call it lunch! My recommendation a Piroshky for Piroshky at the Russian deli across the market, delish!I love the colors of the fresh produce I brought my reusable bag to buy some of these delicious greens. I also found a vendor with fresh pasta looks so scrumptious! We ended our day at my two favorite grocery stores the one that I really cant afford to buy from but love to look at Wholefoods and my other fav Trader Joes. I kid you not we were at Wholefoods market for 2 hours all I spent there was 20 bucks. Grocery shopping without kids is a luxury folks!

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