Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Night : Snowman

So I brought out some Christmas Holiday decor for the snowman night theme.

These look complicated but really these were a breeze, got the directions from here.
I put l Christmas boxes on their plates that had items to make there own snowman in them, they got very creative.
Ruby just ate hers :)
Dad at work for a master plan snowman

There were a hit and so good this is snowman bread.
Snowman soup (potato soup) with crumbled bacon as the eyes and mouth and a slice of carrot for the nose.

Snowball fight, with socks, this lasted a long time if you can imagine boys at play with the okay to trow socks at anyone run run run!!

Auntie Sharlene made this for the kids our of construction paper and white paper. Pin the carrot on the snowman, we had some cheaters!

Opss that's not a snowman's nose, Aidan loved his dad ''mistaking'' his face for the snowman.

I cant believe we have never tried these theme nights this is our first one and I gotta say the kids loved it so much the were so excited and kept asking if it was Teabo Tribe Tuesday yet. We got both kids from school and got them home I had the table all set up the came home to Frosty the snowman music playing. I planned all week for it, but It was so worth it, okay so maybe the next Teabo Tribe Themed Tuesdays wont be as great but I was so excited about this one, sorry for the many photos. Since our night started out so early at 3:30 we decided to watch snowball express movie from 1973, and drink hot coco. We eneded the night with a walk in the neighborhood and then a chat about the day before bed. The kids loved this so much they wanted to plan next weeks them for next week......PIRATES, so if you have suggestions pass them along!!


Michael said...

I love it!!! We were going to do a snowman night but we are sick of the "real" snow....so, a couple of weeks ago we did a tropical night. We brought in our water table and put the kiddos in their swimming suites. It was lots of fun! I think we will have to do the snowman night though.....it looks like so much fun! I love the bread and the little snowmen made out of dougnuts holes!!!! Great pictures.....you can NEVER have too many pictures:)


Lisa said...

holy cow ... is that a SA sleeping mask I see?????

looks like a fun night.

wanna adopt me?

love you xoxoxooxxoxo

The Redman's said...

Good times. Looks a lot like our "snowman night" we had a few weeks ago! The theme nights are too fun. Some day maybe we'll even plan a theme night with our families together-- how crazy would that be?? Maybe on our camping trip this summer. :) Are you loving the Whittaker Woman blog??

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