Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom Confessional

One thing I love BLOGS :) I just love them love them! Its been the best invention since coffee :)
I think its funny how you can look into someone life and see wonderful perfect pictures and the people seem to have an almost celebrity feel. Like you can just sit and watch their life and totally get them! So, I am taking this time to confess some not so perfect snapshots about my day (minus the pictures, because where is the camera when you really need it?)

* Cleaned out the van and filled a 5 gallon bag of trash, no not kidding. Found a growth of some sort I think it may have been an orange at one time.
* Had a talking to from Aidan's preschool teacher, was told that Aidan has been talking to much about weapons and he told his teachers that all he does all day is play video games. Mind you we have the Wii and the kids earn times on it, but by all means that's all he does, play Wii, never goes outside, never plays, never does projects, yes thats the mom I am. He also told the teacher that he has been playing with matches outside, not surprised by this, I found a pack of matches by the driveway....yes was less than excited about this one. My favorite is the preschoolers draw out what they get to do that day and Aidan's plan involved strangling a bad I got a real good talking to!
*Found gum in Ruby's mouth don't know where she got it from don't know how long its been there.
* sat on a something wet on the toilet seat and it was not pee :O! My sons have the stomach flu nuf said!
*Wiped Rubys nose today with a dirty sock, it was the closet thing to me at the time okay!
* laid my sick self on the couch today and watched 7th heaven while Ruby napped and my other sick one played on the computer.

Now If I had the camera by my side and took snap shots of all this I am sure you would burst out loud laughing, just had to share a tiny bit of the day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What has your faith cost you?

I have not posted much about the country so close to my heart Africa. God is teaching me to pray without ceasing for the billions of children with no home, and for my purpose in this huge heartache. I love my Thursday morning group we gather and pray and chat about that close to Gods heart the poor and the orphaned all over the world. Last week in our study I read something that made a vast revelation to me. The answer to the AIDS crises....this is a shocker...THE CHURCH!
" The churches around the world is growing at the rate of 60,000 new converts a day. To stop the HIV/AIDS pandemic requires something growing faster than the 14,000 new infections every day and the church fits the bill." Kay Warren from the book Dangerous Surrender!
We as a church a body of Christ we are the answer to such a dark and hopeless future.
We are so comfortable in our cushy lives hell I will say it, we may be struggling as a nation and have plenty of bills to go around, but really we got it good in comparison. Yet we as the church we have also clung to the fantasy that faith wont cost a thing. Really what has your faith cost you?
This question has been ringing in my mind for weeks now. In my surrender to Christ can I honestly say that I will follow his will and lay down my own for HIM no matter the cost? After all He only has given His Whole life for me!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teabo Tribe Tuesdays: Pirate Night RrRRRR!

Ye ready Scallywag!
I bought nothing for the props just our own fun stuff!
You cant see but three legged willy does have a peg leg, no joke! It even makes the thump like Hook on Peter pan!

''Octopus'' (turkey dog) on Pirate Booty no less!
Finger food no utensils allowed at this pirates table!
Shark Grog: I froze Cranberry Juice in ice cube containers and in the pitcher I have ''grog'' Hansen's Lime Soda. The kids thought I cut up a shark and I am serving it to them....rrrr I am a terrible Pirate mom!
Ferocious Frank walked the plank!
Jolly Ranger Josiah walked the plank
Aidan walking the plank
Three legged Willie walking the plank
Rascal Ruby walked the plank!

I don't know why I didn't catch this till now, but my son has a butter knife in his hand...hellO!

Ah yes tats!!!
Tried capturing a family shot....umm next time maybe.
This is us closing our eyes to the kissing part of the Pirates of the Caribbean. YUCK!

RRR this night was RRrrreal fun! First things first we gave each other pirate names. I was Nasty Natalie and the other names I have posted up above. We talked like a pirate I did have to do some research but the kids thought this was awesome when I opened the door to them after school and said ''Get Ye self's inside yer scallywag dogs!'', etc. they could not stop giggling! Ruby even added the RRRR! We then had the first pirate call of duty walking the plank, as you can see everyone did it! Ahh Spin the bottle was next, this is where we took turns making each other dare things such as ''I dare you to hop on one leg 10 times'', and when it landed on us they got to choose, very interesting. We had some pirate grub, and listened to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean during out night. Then the scavenger hunt but of course leading us to the treasure the got to see Pirates of the Caribbean and of course loved it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mama on a budget

I have been serious about crunching on our budget, we have made many financial mistakes in our marriage that we are still paying for and it makes me so sad that we can not do some of things God would want us to do because of our finances,I know He is HUGE and that is no problem for him. But I sure didn't help him out any be wanting more more more!! So I am being a good steward of the money we have to make the dollar stretch really far. This was one of my goals for the year and I have had the great help of some friends that meet once a month to chat about budget ideas my guru Tracey has been tons of help! Here is some samples of my good finds.

$42.00 on all these grocery's, I got tons of stuff.From yours truly the Grocery outlet, I am very picky about what I feed my family, I even get teased for it, I stay aways from yucky stuff! The milk was 89. because it expires next week, hello my family will down it in just a time flat, its also the good milk RBST or hormones, I got brown eggs at 3.89 for 20 jumbo, organic tube yogurt for 1.29, Pacific Soy at 1.29., soy dogs for .99cents, ( I made it today, it was a fail buy!) With Grocery Outlet you get what you get, most times you wont see the same things and check the dates, the Yogurt I freeze and add it to lunches so thats a good stocking option.

Got the cereal for 50. a box and the milk for free! Albertsons had a sale buy 4 cereal boxes for 1.99 a box with Coupons I got them down to .50 because I had a save 1.50 and I had 4 of them! So this ended up being $1.96 and they also had buy four boxes get a milk free not bad for under $2.00!
.50 a box at Albertsons also using sale promotions and Coupons, this was a treat for the kids, because I don't like these so much they are a ''filler'' food with not a lot of nutrients.
.50 a box with the same promotionAll this bread for $20 bucks at the Franz outlet I spent $20 so they gave me 4 loafs for free! Cant beat that I got good hearty whole wheat bread too so 9 loaves, 2 mini bagels, 2 pita breads, 2 burger breads, and 3 English muffins 2 big bagels that is 20 items for 20 bucks. If you are local to Olympia the Franz outlet is located off Martin Way past the movie theater.
Don't know why this is coming out sideways I but spent $14.00 of my own pocket with this shopping with rebates and Coupons at Walgreen's. I got the cough drops for 49 cents a piece, and moose for my locks at 1.33 a piece using coupons the Zucol cold is free with rebate and I made 1.00 with the razor!
I gotta say its work but really its so worth it. Here is one of my favorite blogs that has tons of tips, get yourself educated in the world of Coupons your husband will be so proud!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Night : Snowman

So I brought out some Christmas Holiday decor for the snowman night theme.

These look complicated but really these were a breeze, got the directions from here.
I put l Christmas boxes on their plates that had items to make there own snowman in them, they got very creative.
Ruby just ate hers :)
Dad at work for a master plan snowman

There were a hit and so good this is snowman bread.
Snowman soup (potato soup) with crumbled bacon as the eyes and mouth and a slice of carrot for the nose.

Snowball fight, with socks, this lasted a long time if you can imagine boys at play with the okay to trow socks at anyone run run run!!

Auntie Sharlene made this for the kids our of construction paper and white paper. Pin the carrot on the snowman, we had some cheaters!

Opss that's not a snowman's nose, Aidan loved his dad ''mistaking'' his face for the snowman.

I cant believe we have never tried these theme nights this is our first one and I gotta say the kids loved it so much the were so excited and kept asking if it was Teabo Tribe Tuesday yet. We got both kids from school and got them home I had the table all set up the came home to Frosty the snowman music playing. I planned all week for it, but It was so worth it, okay so maybe the next Teabo Tribe Themed Tuesdays wont be as great but I was so excited about this one, sorry for the many photos. Since our night started out so early at 3:30 we decided to watch snowball express movie from 1973, and drink hot coco. We eneded the night with a walk in the neighborhood and then a chat about the day before bed. The kids loved this so much they wanted to plan next weeks them for next week......PIRATES, so if you have suggestions pass them along!!

I heart Pike Place Market


I had the great opportunity to go to Pike Place this past Sunday with my sister. Its one of my favorite places in all of Washington, I love the smell (yes the stinky fish smell) the food, the music the cameras on the tourist, its full of culture and beauty. I like to do what I call taste of Pike Place where you but small treats from different vendors and call it lunch! My recommendation a Piroshky for Piroshky at the Russian deli across the market, delish!I love the colors of the fresh produce I brought my reusable bag to buy some of these delicious greens. I also found a vendor with fresh pasta looks so scrumptious! We ended our day at my two favorite grocery stores the one that I really cant afford to buy from but love to look at Wholefoods and my other fav Trader Joes. I kid you not we were at Wholefoods market for 2 hours all I spent there was 20 bucks. Grocery shopping without kids is a luxury folks!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!