Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year New Resolutions

I have had a blast spending three weeks with my family, doing nothing just enjoying each other laughing, dis fussing fights between brothers, picking up Lego's, falling for my dog again (I have had a rough patch with him, now I love him!) Its been so nice to just be and not have to drive really anywhere. My tribe is so much fun, I don't believe there is ever a moment where someone is not laughing, crying, yelling, hitting and teasing (working on this one constantly!)
Just a few days ago against the will of my dear children I wanted to sit down and have a family meeting to discuss our new goals this year. Can you tell I am a middle child I like to keep the gathering and unity in my household. These are the ones we came up with:
1. More outdoor activities: fishing, camping, hiking, walking, swimming, biking
2. More indoor activities: baking, building, and more family time
3. Start volunteering within the community

We got to number three before there was whining and teasing, and time for bed :) We are at a good start 2009 here we are! Raise your hand if you though we would have flying cars by now, I know for real, I am so disappointed with back the future.

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Jonathan said...

Those are good resolutions!

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