Saturday, January 24, 2009

Help Needed!!

Many of you that read my blog do so because you are adopting or have adopted or for some reason I have kept you entertained :)! I thank you very much!
Now I ask that you dig deep inside you and if you are even a tiny bit moved then please HELP!
I have a friend named Tom Davis he is an author and CEO of Children's Hope Chest, many of you have read his books and are even sponsoring through Hope Chest International, Thank you so much! If this is your first time hearing that name, PLEASE Read his blog. Tom and team mates are right now in Swaziland South Africa on a mission trip and have found some communities that are in desperate need of sponsorships. He calls the villages Care points, there is one care point in particular that I am trying to get sponsors for 90 vulnerable children and orphans mostly under the age of 12.
I know you may be thinking "Oh Natalie, there are kids everywhere that will need our help'', yes your are right. This is just one more thing a month. No I get it. This is a wonderful opportunity if you have wondered how to get involved but didn't know how. The cost is $34 dollars a month. Read more about sponsorship here. There are 90 kids to sponsor so thus is my goal to find 90 families :)!! I will be pinching pennies to sponsor but please read Toms blog to read the condition of these kids. You can be the answer for one of the 90.I have two families intrested now I just need 87 :)! Gods peace!

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Jodie Howerton said...

I love your heart,'s huge. You have the gift of glad you are using it!

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