Friday, December 19, 2008

Kookoos Pens

I had the amazing privilege to spend one week with these magnificent children of Cato Manor in Durban South Africa. My team and I could not help but to fall in love with these children and learn from their love for each other and community. The girl pictured above holding a book her name is Kookoo. I want to share a story about Kookoo. Our last day at camp when we broke off into groups our discussion went to the topic doing what is right and how to know what the right thing to do it. Kookoo has a love of pens she says that at school she is tempted to take pens from kids when they walk away from there desk and she feels like one voice says "kookoo go get it, you love pens they wont miss it!" and another voice that she thinks is God saying "No kookoo its not the right thing to do, walk away.'' Kookoo walks away listening to the right voice but watching the pen on the table with sadness. This made us really choke up, PENS people. A dime a dozen. At the end of camp we gave away socks, I gathered tons of marker pens and went over to Kookoo and put it in her sock and gestured my finger to my lips and Kookoo knew what I meant. The smile on Kookoos face was priceless. Evertime I see a pen I will think of Kookoos small but strong voice.


Our journey said...

Oh, Natalie! It really puts things into prespective.

Heckert's Highway said...

Oh Sweetie precious she is. I can't even imagine the thought that a pen is so special when there are children everywhere who want playstations and x-boxes. If only our kids could get a real taste of what it is like to live in another country and have such small wants. I th ink it would make for a more grateful society all around. Now every time I see a pen, I will think of Kookoo too. Love ya, Jenn

Michelle Riggs said...

Beautiful story. I would have loved to be there with you.

What a blessing to be used by God in this way.

Mason Mama said...

Hey girl, Just wanted to say thank you so much for posting these stories, I love to read them because they touch this part of my heart that wants all kids to have love, know God and be taken care of. Your presence down there was so important to them, what a sweet gesrure that was to sneak those pens to her, I know that she will remember that her entire life! God bless you and your family...oh also love the Chris Tomlin song!

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