Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I sit here in the warmth of my own home watching the snow flakes fall to the quiet soft ground. I just thawed out my half way frostbit children after an hour of play, I could only bear it for 5 minutes before the kids found other playmates to tag with the snowball fights. Frostbite...... it take me back to story that's not so warm I want to share, if you have a soft stomach you may not want to read on! On our fun day with the children at the transition home in South Africa last week a small child so adorably plays in the sand with us and one of our team members asks sheepishly whats on his face. He bears the scar of wonder. His house Granny said that's frostbite. Frosbite in South Africa, but how?! This sweet two year old was found freezing to death in a fezzer, why? His body would then be cut up and used for medication purposes by the "sambonas" (natural healers, or in my book a witch doctor!) The police was tipped off and they went to check and sure enough this child was rescued from being frozen to death. I look at my children with red cheeks and I grasp thier little frozen fingers in mine as I breath warmness into them and thought of Jesus. How amzing he gave this little "b" boy a new life His love and mercy breathed warmth into his little soul. I could not fight the tears as I listened to the story as I envisioded a little guy crying without no one to come rescue, but Christ answered his cries. That story will stay with me forver especially when its this cold outside and I fight to get my fingers to have feeling again.


Lisa said...

oh jeez ... you just made me cry about it all over again.

i love that little guy ... i'd take him home in a heartbeat.


Brian and Autumn said...

Wow...thank you for sharing. That story was heartbreaking to hear but thank God that little boy is alive!


Oh Natalie. I have been reading your posts and am speechless. My heart still beats for all those children left behind with no momma or daddy.

Kinsey Meredith said...

so sweet. what a realization to the story coming to life when you are home with your own kids trying to warm them from the cold. it brought tears to my eyes. :)

Hauswife said...

Oh, Natalie, that's just the most heartbreaking thing... Wow. Thank the Lord that he was saved!

Wendi said... words for that but thank you jesus!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!