Thursday, December 11, 2008

Broken heart

These last few days of camp I have endured a strong attitude and heart and today I could not help but weep with these little ones. This was our last day of camp we were at camp with 5 and 6th graders at a community hall in Canto Manor a severely underprivileged neighborhood. I have been blessed to listen to the values that these children hold on to. I want to share a few stories.
one of a little girl named kokoo, she is precious and small and so quiet yet when she opens her mouth to say something its so profound for instance; yesterday we spoke on becoming great influences to influence those around us to become ones that peer pressure for good this is what kokoo said by the way she is 9
'' I think its wonderful to influence people but everyone in my family has died and my mother and I are the only ones alive she is always drunk and I does not make good choices to help my community I must help my mom first, I can make a difference in her life and I will teach her the things I am learning about God!''
another boy said
''I must take a stand and stand up against the people that are drinking and steeling when they want me to go with them, I must say no because this is making a stand for the positive in my community!'' Understand the pressures the children face are very different than our culture. The face things my children may never face until they are grown. This boy who feel in love with one of the guys on our team we nicked name him ''gadget boy'' because he loves to borrow our camera to take pictures, he cried the whole day. His father died last year and his mother left and lives in another town he is being raised by his older sister, he really drew us in. He was so happy that we came. Our presence alone meant so much to these kids that we would leave our families and our comfort to come tell them that Jesus care means the world to them. We didn't even have to do a thing our very presence there was enough. By the end of today I was overcome by emotion and felt as though I cant cry anymore. I want these children to be tucked in at night have someone say a prayer with them and the reality is it cant happen.
What I am so impressed is that the youth workers which are people employed by Itemba Lethu they are a HUGE cornerstone is these children lives. The are always present for them the go to there schools and listen to them and once a week the kids meet during an evening for a night of fun and learning. One youth worker Wendy gave each child her phone number to call her for anything I asked her if she gets calls for anything. She told me that she gets calls like ''Wendy its been four days since I have had something to eat can you help me?'' She said this is the most common also the girls have come up to her to tell her they have been raped again. I ask her how on earth can she do this listen to these stories everyday and not loose it. She told me ''who says I don't, I have to hold it together because they need someone and then when they leave I am down on my knees praying and sobbing before the Lord for them''.
I followed Gods call to come, and I am so blessed for it, but also broken. Please go to Kinseys blog for great picutres.
ps. Frank I miss you so much but I am so more proud of you for sending me on this call then ever.

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Our journey said...

I can not wait until you get home and I can hear more of your stories. What an amazing adventure God called you on and what an amzing support your wonderful hubby has been.


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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!