Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mr. Teabo, My Mr. Darcy

Mr Teabo with his famous "Frank the Tank" breakfast sandwich
Today my Mr.Teabo, who is my modern day Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightly (of Jane Austen's novels of course!) and I make 11 years married. Why is he awesome, so glad you asked.
He is the most selfless man I know, even out of the husbands I know by far my Mr. Teabo holds the trophy for selflessness. He always puts me first. How many guys do you know would encourage his wife to go look for a mission and go for 11 days without him and leave him home with all the kids?? Hello! Unreal I know, I am so blessed to have this gentleman at my side through joy and deep sorrow. He gets me, and whats amazing about that is I don't need to explain anything. He is extra careful during November- February when I get my want to move to a sunny weather and had enough of the rain depression. He lets me look at other states housing and job markets and listens and then I come down from my grey cloud. He grounds me! When I am out running errands or with friends, I find myself wishing to be on the couch with this guy just happy to watch the 1000th re-run of Seinfeld and Friends. If he would wear a BFF necklace I would buy it for him :)! If you find yourself with a modern day Mr. Darcy your are as lucky and blessed as me!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ruby learns how to shampoo!

I had some friends over last week and the kids were playing upstairs while the moms chatted down stairs. One of the boys came down stairs and said "mom the babies have shampoo!" I ran upstairs to check my carpet, its new from the summer and I was freaking out. I didn't even notice my little angel had shampoo all over her head and face, she didn't even cry or whimper. I quickly scooped her up and rinsed her hair I think her friend was showing her how to use the shampoo :)! She smelled great all day!

First tooth for a Sweet boy!

My A man lost his first tooth! He is so pround of his space, its much earned! I love this guy is he not the cutest five year old! To me he is :)!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A great Friend :)!

Sometimes you get buddies like these, when you do hang on to her! This is Dena, she will blush at the sight of her face on my blog, but I had to brag about her. Dena is a mad organizer she thrives on it and gets a little giddy even at the idea of organizing someone else's house! When I heard of her mad skills I joked about my laundry room being a mess in to which she responded with "I can take a look at it, I would love to help you organize!" and my reply as I began to hyperventilate with the thought of someone looking at my mess "No, its okay, you don't have to look at it at all!". She sweetly insists to take a look and asked me not to clean it she wants to see where things lay. Ha, will she even begin to see the floor :). Our laundry room is the entrance to our garage like most homes and so its the throw all too. She came by on Thursday took a notebook and wrote things down and gave me ideas. Yesterday I asked her to come play, and she suggested we "have at it". I was nervous! She came and got to work and brought her own cleaners and all. She totally set up with a clutter free room! This is the best part, she brought some paint to try out and even her own supplies and began to paint my laundry room for me. I had to go to a birthday party and Dena stayed at my house and painted! Awesome right?! Seriously she Rocks! Thanks Dena

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OCC Advent Conspiracy

Christmas ahh that time of the year to spread joy and frolic in the warmth of the holiday. Or be in a franctic stage to find that one last item, wait in lines at crazy hours in the morning to get that smoking hot deal (I have done this and probbly still will, not knocking anyone:), and hyperventalateing our ways to the dinner table. I say NO MORE! Breath, ENJOY, Laugh, Be frugal, give the gift of your time!
This youtube was created for Overlake Christan Church in Redmond Washington but what a sweet message it demonstrates on the importance of this meagniful Holiday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dangerous Surrender

Since I came back from Ethiopia with Ruby last year, I have had a hard time adjusting back to life, and finally came to the conclusion that I wont ever be the same. My heart has been broken by the beautiful children of Ethiopia and all of Africa has captured me! In my quest to get others on the band wagon I have come to many road blocks. Its so hard to explain the vast need of the crisis in Africa unless you have been there, or unless God has broken you too. I find it hard to return to building my own kingdom, or just being a woman that sits in the pews at the church and be surrounded with my small group of friends and live in my own little secluded world turning an ear to the hurts because its to hard to fathom or just "not my thing". I wont go back there!

I have been wanting to read the book Dangerous Surrender but if you know me I hate doing anything alone :)! So I asked a friend if she would be interested in reading with me and asked her to see if her best friend would do it with us as well. Last month we got together one Thursday morning with coffee and our book and we have entered into a world of complete eye opening! Dangerous Surrender is a book written by Kay Warren she is married to Rick Warren pastor of the Saddleback church in California and author of the book The purpose Driven life. Dangerous Surrender was required reading from Jodie leader of our South African mission in December. From the moment we opened the book we three knew God would do something here. I am amazed at the conversations we have in my little living room. I love these girls and God is meeting a need in my heart with them. Amanda and Dena I love you :)
If you have not read this book I truly recommend this as a wonderful read. As for my new Thursday morning group, I believe we have some great things to come!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Going to South AFRICA!!!!

26 days and counting!
Yahhooooo Guess what I am for real going to South Africa thank you to so many of your donations, I along with 7 others are traveling the 3rd of December to Durban South Africa to help with Ithemba Lethu. I am so excited for the work we get to partake in there.

Donations needed:
Ithema lethu also has a breast milk bank and are asking for for pamphlets on information on the importance of Best feeding, I am also looking for brand new 30'' PVC tubing to take with me. I will be contacting my local health care department, and local La Leche League branch. Does anyone have any more suggestions? Or ideas on how to get these items? Leave a comment if you have suggestions.


Long Lost Camera FOUND!

What would you think would be a bloggers worse nightmare, okay besides deleting your blog on accident. Losing your camera right?! I lost my camera two weeks ago (seen any pictures of my kids lately?) I lost it on a trip to the pumpkin patch with As preschool and have retraced my steps a thousand times called the patch a few times, left my name and number and have been sick to my stomach because of it. You know cameras are not cheap, and I hated the thoughts of the holidays without them. I prayed and prayed that it would show up. One week and four days later we get a call from our sons school to say that a man found a camera in the middle of a busy highway near the patch right on the road! He got out of the car picked it up and scanned thought the photos on file, he saw a picture of my son near our school sign and brought it in to the school. It has rained so much here, and that highway has tons of traffic yet that camera was in perfect condition. Crazy!! So I have some catching up to do.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!