Friday, October 3, 2008

This stud made 32 today!

Frank turned 32 today! I am incredibly lucky to share a union with this guy. This king of my castle rocks. 32 reasons why you rock my world! Beware: Will get Mushy!

1. My morning cup of coffee always ready for me, no reminders!

2. You never think twice about having all the kids all at the same time, its no problem for you.

3. You help with the laundry without me asking

4. You say "I love you" still at the end of a phone conversation

5. You like me and enjoy spending time with me over others

6. You clean out my car when I cant see the bottom of it,

7. and still love me when it gets dirty again

8. We laugh till we cry sometimes its therapy for me

9. You know my looks the "okay thats enough time to go" look the "help me out of this conversation" look, the "can you believe she just say that, on no she didn't" look.

10. You saw me in labor, and still think I am pretty!

11. You lied to me and told me I was prettier than Sarah Palin

12. You like my hair curly

13. You love watching the kids sleep

14. You lock all our door at night and when you ask me to do it, you still have to get out of bed because you have to "double check"

15. You don't get mad because I forgot to lock the doors just as you thought

16.You let me read things out loud to you all the time

17. Even other peoples blog you don't know and you think its cute when I cry as I read them

18. You giggle when I laugh at silly hallmark commercials

19.You cant get enough of Ruby!

20. You still are entertained by inability to keep a project

21. I love your routine you have to do every morning and every night

22. I love that your are a mad republican and you know your political facts

23. I love that you always put me and the kids first

24. I love that you are so selfless

25. I love that you remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel

26. I Love that you are a hard worker

27. I love that you Love God

28. I love that you are a tower for us

29. I love that you are my North Star never wandering

30. I love that I can think of 30 more things I love about you

31. You let me breathe without feeling guilty

32. I love that I have our children with you, I love that we will always have Hudson you and me babe!

Happy Birthday


Michael and Michelle said...

I love that he is a "mad republican" too:)

Happy birthday!!!!


Mark and Kels said...

Mark and I are cracking up right now... I could completely relate to almost all of the comments (although I don't really want to know if Mark thinks Sarah Palin is pretty)- and #s14/15 and #s61/17 could come straight from our house almost every evening.
Happy, happy birthday Frank!

Our journey said...

Sweet post Nat! You've got yourself a good man.

Liz F. said...


Heckert's Highway said...

Happy Birthday Frankie!!!! You are an awesome friend and an even better husband. I'm so happy that my friend has you:O)

Lots of Love,

The Gresham Clan said...

Love that you love your man so much. What a blessing good men are!


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