Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged twice this past week by Neely and Suzi!

Seven random things about me:

1. I always have a coffee cup in my hand, I know terrible, but I cant live without my dark love. Its my love language. You love me you bring me coffee :)

2. I talk to God out loud when no one is in the car, sure I look like an idiot, but I like to think He is in my passenger seat and I even use hand gestures and turn my cheek to look every now and then, I know CORKY!

3. I love Mr. ED, Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, The Andy Griffith Show, Laverne and Shirley and tune into TV Land when no one else is around everyone else gets bored with at my house.

4. I can speak fluent Spanish and Cruzian and my thinking voice has the same accent! The scary part is I translate for myself, LOL, okay not you I am rolling over her!

5. I have this recurring dream that someone on an airplane screams for a doctor and I come to the rescue, No serious it happens all the time, whats that about?

6. When I am standing in line at the bank, I think about a plan if in case we were to get in the middle of a Robbery, for instance how will I tackle the robber. Okay do I have HERO Syndrome?
7. I practice crying in the mirror,( when I feel sad) I have the ugliest cry you have ever seen. So if I cry in the mirror I feel like I am practicing for when Niagara falls in front of people I feel a little more confident :)....shut up you know you do the same sometimes?!

Now I am tagging Frank, Jenn, Kels, Candace, Lindsey,

Okay I am still searching for two more that have not been tagged :)


The Harrington Family said...

you crack me up :)

Heckert's Highway said...

Ok, you crack me up girl!!! I am not nearly as cool as you and you tagged me. I'm not sure what I should write. You may have to help me on this. You're always able to remember those kinds of things. Maybe I'm just so weird that I try to block it out of my memory, it's too painful, LOL!!!! I so would love to be in on the conversation in your brain speaking Spanish and Cruzian, of course then you would have to translate for me, hee hee. I love you girl, quirks and all!!!!

The Tulloss Family said...

Those things just make me love you even more. You're awesome!

The Redman's said...

Perfect. You're a kick!!!! :)

The Gresham Clan said...

You crack me up!!! Love it!


Lisa said...

ok ... 1st of all ... we are going to be the BEST roommates EVER because I MUST have coffee too. we need to devise a plan for Africa. can i bring down my 1-cup coffee maker? seriously! what will we do?

2nd of all ... i get most (if not ALL) my prayer time in the car.

twins. ;) xoxo

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