Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Js 8th Birthday

This handsome man made eight yesterday. We celebrated going to his favorite store (Cabellas) for dinner and the best part he got to pick out some fishing gear! This guy is all about fishing. This birthday is special especially because he was named after a great king in the bible who became king at eight. There was no king like him or after him so we told him this, I think it may have done the opposite effect than what we wanted :)! Happy Birthday you Rockstar!
Eight reasons why your top notch in my book:
1. You are compassionate
2. You make friends very easy
3. You are loyal to your friends
4. You love your brother even when you say he is annoying you
5. I am spechless about your love for Ruby
6. You are so smart
7. You are so patriotic you love America
8. You have great intention to obey sometimes :)


Hauswife said...

Happy birthday, Mr. J! My J is 8, too, and I think they would get along like PB&J... :)

Hauswife said...

ps. Diggin' The Clash! I unusally keep the computer muted, but this morning I didn't and what a treat... Joe Strummer and Mick Jones before 6am! :)

Michael and Michelle said...

What a beautiful boy you have!!!! Seriously he is really cute!!!!!!


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