Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here comes trouble.....

Sometimes I, with the common mom annoyances, blame the boys for getting into things. For example the one afternoon I see my cash (because I am so rich, ha!) on the outsede of my purse and I ask out loud "Boys were you in my purse?" followed by the lecture " This is moms purse, its the one thing I ask you to stay out of etc". Then I get the response if you have kids you know the one "MOMMMM....ITS WASN'T MEEE!". My answer as I scurry to pick up the cash so Ruby does not get into it "then who was it...its sure not me, and I cant see Ruby getting into my cash." So I veru upsetly becuase no one has fessed up yet put my cash back in my purse and left it out as a booby trap for the the perpetrator, and catch them red handed..I did, and was put to shame! This morning I came across a nice pile of unused tissues all over the floor, "boys just take one, tissue, you know how this works!" again followed by the above response. To then embarrassingly finding myself returning to them in apologies because once again the sneak was their cute can't do anything wrong sister! Who moves very quiet like a mouse I must add. Having a face like Ruby's does pose some serious benefits, number one being how can anyone stay upset with her?


Hauswife said...

How can you possibly get mad at that precious face??? :)

I know my girls are into EVERYTHING right now, so figuring out who did the naughty thing is completely up for grabs!

Michael and Michelle said...

She is such a doll!! I couldn't be angry with her either:)


Our journey said...

That is some cute trouble!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!