Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Halloween

If you know me very well you will know I am Green :) Not as much as I would like to be but for the most part I am a light green! Last year our family partook in Green Halloween and we signed up for it this year as well. Green Halloween was thought up by a Seattle mom who was tired of her kids getting sugary sweets at trick and treat time. She made a grassroots community movement that encourages families to offer things that are an alternative to sugary sweats for health benefits and also environment on the eve of the 31st. We made play-doh and green slimy geek last year ....it was not so poplar with kids out looking for one more sugar buzz so this year my kids asked us to NOT go Organic...sorry kids, cant help it. Check out Green Halloween and sign up to be a green friendly house!


Super Mom said...

We did play-doh last year and everybody loved it. So nice to see more households trying to move away from the commercialized sugar crazy holiday routines!

EcoFamily said...

We gave play doh last year too, but this year we're switching to Halloween themed cookie cutters!

I love www.greenhalloween.org and also their new site, www.celebrategreen.net.

They give so many great ideas without being preachy.

Thanks for the post!

Hauswife said...

YEA! I love Green Halloween! Thanks for posting this.

neely said...

so i tagged you...check out my blog

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