Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Halloween

If you know me very well you will know I am Green :) Not as much as I would like to be but for the most part I am a light green! Last year our family partook in Green Halloween and we signed up for it this year as well. Green Halloween was thought up by a Seattle mom who was tired of her kids getting sugary sweets at trick and treat time. She made a grassroots community movement that encourages families to offer things that are an alternative to sugary sweats for health benefits and also environment on the eve of the 31st. We made play-doh and green slimy geek last year ....it was not so poplar with kids out looking for one more sugar buzz so this year my kids asked us to NOT go Organic...sorry kids, cant help it. Check out Green Halloween and sign up to be a green friendly house!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here comes trouble.....

Sometimes I, with the common mom annoyances, blame the boys for getting into things. For example the one afternoon I see my cash (because I am so rich, ha!) on the outsede of my purse and I ask out loud "Boys were you in my purse?" followed by the lecture " This is moms purse, its the one thing I ask you to stay out of etc". Then I get the response if you have kids you know the one "MOMMMM....ITS WASN'T MEEE!". My answer as I scurry to pick up the cash so Ruby does not get into it "then who was it...its sure not me, and I cant see Ruby getting into my cash." So I veru upsetly becuase no one has fessed up yet put my cash back in my purse and left it out as a booby trap for the the perpetrator, and catch them red handed..I did, and was put to shame! This morning I came across a nice pile of unused tissues all over the floor, "boys just take one, tissue, you know how this works!" again followed by the above response. To then embarrassingly finding myself returning to them in apologies because once again the sneak was their cute can't do anything wrong sister! Who moves very quiet like a mouse I must add. Having a face like Ruby's does pose some serious benefits, number one being how can anyone stay upset with her?

Monday, September 15, 2008

My son the Boy Scout!

My son is a patriot from the inside. He gets teary eyes at the national anthem, makes sure everyone has their hat off when giving the pledge. Even stood up when the American flag was brought out for the Summer Olympics opening ceremony. He indeed loves the USA. So we thought he would appreciate the boy scouts, that was an understatement. He LOVES the scouts. I think I saw a tear come down his face when he saw his uniform. And with a good behavior day he earned the privilege to wear it tonight with his first goal of raising money for his scouting community. I am amazed that today he raised $450 (with the help of grandma and dads work :)

The other fascinating fact about my now eight year old is that he is an entrepreneur at heart! He sells everything to everyone. At the age of 3 I lost him in our neighborhood, a small cul-de-sac but still very scary! I found him at the door step of a 90 year old neighbor selling a bowl of Cheetos for $50 bucks, a bargain! When our neighbor chuckled and said no, he dropped it down to 5! He is always coming up with something to sell or someway to make a dollar.

Tonight he went door to door in his very handsome uniform to sell popcorn. Can you imagine the look on our neighbors face when they opened it up and heard his speech, he gives it good too!

So look out your doors a scout may be coming to your neighborhood soon its popcorn time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We love Almaz

Ruby ready for the day with her matching doll!

Yesterday we drove south to Battle Ground Washington to have dinner with Almaz. Almaz is the woman that runs Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia. She placed Ruby in our arms for the first time. She is the most remarkable woman I know. I love her to pieces. She is passionate about the children in her home with almost 100 kids home in the US from Hannah's Hope Ethiopia she has remembered them all! Having Almaz walk up to a park with kids that's she has placed in homes left her very emotional with joy. I am sure that she even has a feeling of sadness she saw both sides of the story. For her she say a family that gave up a child in order to find care a sacrifice most of us may never have to experience or even in full concept are able to understand. Then she sees them here with families that have accepted them as though they were born from their wombs. Full acceptance. In the midst of all our celebration I also felt a unity a sense of belonging. We all have the same heart after orphans and it was nice to be in that company. Almaz was able to share information on us about Ruby's birth mom and took pictures on her camera for her to see them. I had a smile on my face the whole time being with these families, seeing all our children play. Even seeing the families waiting or in process meet Almaz for the first time was refreshing. We even had the privilege to meet Hannah herself. The reason All God's Children started. Her dad Ron Beasley the founder of All Gods Children was there the whole family was. We chatted with Ron and we were just watching her play with Ruby and he said "One Adoption=2000" what an tremendous way to look at it, so profund. I was in awe of Gods goodness from one girls vision! Can you tell I love our Agency! Can you tell I love adoption!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Js 8th Birthday

This handsome man made eight yesterday. We celebrated going to his favorite store (Cabellas) for dinner and the best part he got to pick out some fishing gear! This guy is all about fishing. This birthday is special especially because he was named after a great king in the bible who became king at eight. There was no king like him or after him so we told him this, I think it may have done the opposite effect than what we wanted :)! Happy Birthday you Rockstar!
Eight reasons why your top notch in my book:
1. You are compassionate
2. You make friends very easy
3. You are loyal to your friends
4. You love your brother even when you say he is annoying you
5. I am spechless about your love for Ruby
6. You are so smart
7. You are so patriotic you love America
8. You have great intention to obey sometimes :)
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!