Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TV free for two weeks!!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my kids off to there aunties house and she mentioned to me that her cable TV had been accidentally :) turned off and her kids have asked for it a few times but that they have had a wonderful time playing TOGETHER!! I just had a conversation with my hubby about how different our kids imaginations are than our when we grew up. We knew it had to be because of the electronics available to the generation to our kids. Cables ON Demand, the Internet, the WII, game boys, IPods, Cell phones,(no my kids dont have the last three, but many kids do!) I am sure there are plenty to the list. No wonder its hard to get them just to play without the constant "I AM SO BORED!" My husband heard wind of my his sisters new rule, no TV, and made it happen at our house too. At first there was tremendous protest hello We get all out Internet, cable, and phone for free!! Because dad works for cable :) So it had never been an excuse about money for us. We simply said we were trying a TV free house. Movies could be earned with keeping the peace (this is a hard one !)

I have to confess I was terrified, the idea of taking a shower with my kids not being entertained by Transformers was frighting to me, no I am not kidding. We don't watch TV a whole lot, but this is the way the morning starts for the most part.

Day one and two was very tempting to me to turn on the tube for five minutes of peace!! And the sibling rivalry got worse not better, so what gives?! We stuck to our guns and realized we needed to teach our kids how to have an imaginations about what the day can look like. On Saturday of this past week, we decided to try a hike. We have hiked for 5 days in a row and have added biking!!! It takes two hours :O! Its about a mile and a half a day but the kids wake up and ask "where are we hiking today mom" instead of "can we watch a show?" Guess what my kids are so pleasant too!! We talk so much on our hikes. The best thing about it is to see brothers work together to help each other without a fight, priceless.

Amy look at what you have started :)!!! Should we hike together?:)

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The Tulloss Family said...

Wow! You are so brave. I'll admit to enjoying the peace that comes over the household when Aubrey is engaged in a TV show. But when we limit her TV she is a more pleasant child. Way to go!

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