Thursday, August 28, 2008

Should I stay or Should I go!

A few posts ago I posted on my leap of faith to go and follow God's leading to South Africa on a mission trip in December lead by Jodie Howerton of Overlake Christian Center in Seattle. I took the leap to follow! So lately I have had some serious anxiety of the trip and thoughts like. 1. Why would I leave my family to take care of other peoples kids? 2. What if I die and orphan my children to take care of Orphaned kids. 3. What if I don't raise enough support, then I have to send all my money back to the wonderful supporters and feel extremely embarrassed. 4. What if this was not God? 5. What if I sink in quick sand, (my youngest sons fear!) 6. What if something happens to my father in laws health? 7. What if my mom can't help out? 8. Why would God call Just a mom, my ministry is to my kids first right!?
So its been so many of these thoughts of doubt that has kept me up at night in cold sweat. On my knees I have been with all this anxiety that if the Lord is wanting to stop me that He would not bring in any support or make it so clear that I will not go. I shared it with my friend Jen who just came back from Kazakhstan with her baby girl Alea. She reminded me that anxiety is not something God would want for me, so that I need to see the lies the enemy would want me to believe and claim Jesus' blood over them! Also challenged me to look at myself as Gods' vessel not just a mom! So I did just that and I can say that I felt a huge relief over me, as if a veil had been lifted off my head. So this morning I sent out 15 more support letters ( I have been having a hard time with this one too!) I went to the mail box and there was a letter with $ in it a good chuck too from a missionary friend in Uganda! Shannon is a good friend of a friend of mine and her family are missionaries to Uganda, I am inspired by her love for Africa! I was also reminded that this thought of mine in not selfish, for big reasons I must believe that my heart was stirred for Africa. How awesome is that?!! So I take it that God is still moving me there. Would you pray with me that if indeed I am to go that $1800 :) would come in by the 7Th of September!!! Oh and that I would Fear not!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hudsons 2nd year Home coming

Two years ago this day our sweet third son was taken from our arms. We miss him and although it gets a little bit easier as the passing days we always feel that something is missing. I see him in the face of every sweet baby boy, I see him in the face of kids with down-syndrome, and I even see him in the face of Ruby. When I think back on how his death has affected us, I am amazed by where God has brought my heart and how he has used his passing to ignite a fire in me for Africa. I know it seems like it has nothing to do with him. But really it has everything to do with Hudson, you see my Father has shown me how much my heart can really take. Setting foot on the African nation of Ethiopia and allowing him to break me for kids who seem to have no hope. My Hudson was that child the one that had no hope yet we were taught to hope in God for him. He passed away despite that hope but his small life on earth touched so many in ways I may never know. I miss him and love him and I rejoice in the fact that he plays with my Savior! Sweet friends if Hudson has touched you remember him today.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Family Camping Trip 2008

We loved camping with our family so much we are making it an annual event. I must admit camping with kids is hard work! Oh my word! We did have a tremendous time with our kids and cousins. We played at the lake for hours and the kids found there new hobby fishing. The last day the kids made fishing rods out of sticks for the cousins that didn't have one, how Tom Sawyer :)! Fun times! We also celebrated Ruby's Love Day! The day we meet Ruby for the first time in Ethiopia one year ago!
Note: I was there I am never on camera because I am behind it LOL!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Introducing Alea Faith

I have been waiting to blog about this sweetie for a long time!

You have read my prayer request for one of our best friends the Heckert Family. Jenn and Warren have been in Kazakhstan picking up this sweet baby girl. They have had a tremendous hardship with the adoption and yet they continued to have faith that God would show them an answer and her she is Alea Faith! She is 8 months old and Jenn has been in Kazakhstan for three months almost :( I have missed her like crazy!! She will make it back to the USA late August. Cant wait to see her and love on this little miss. Congratulations NeeNee!
What a testament of faith you have pressed through for this little angel.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TV free for two weeks!!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my kids off to there aunties house and she mentioned to me that her cable TV had been accidentally :) turned off and her kids have asked for it a few times but that they have had a wonderful time playing TOGETHER!! I just had a conversation with my hubby about how different our kids imaginations are than our when we grew up. We knew it had to be because of the electronics available to the generation to our kids. Cables ON Demand, the Internet, the WII, game boys, IPods, Cell phones,(no my kids dont have the last three, but many kids do!) I am sure there are plenty to the list. No wonder its hard to get them just to play without the constant "I AM SO BORED!" My husband heard wind of my his sisters new rule, no TV, and made it happen at our house too. At first there was tremendous protest hello We get all out Internet, cable, and phone for free!! Because dad works for cable :) So it had never been an excuse about money for us. We simply said we were trying a TV free house. Movies could be earned with keeping the peace (this is a hard one !)

I have to confess I was terrified, the idea of taking a shower with my kids not being entertained by Transformers was frighting to me, no I am not kidding. We don't watch TV a whole lot, but this is the way the morning starts for the most part.

Day one and two was very tempting to me to turn on the tube for five minutes of peace!! And the sibling rivalry got worse not better, so what gives?! We stuck to our guns and realized we needed to teach our kids how to have an imaginations about what the day can look like. On Saturday of this past week, we decided to try a hike. We have hiked for 5 days in a row and have added biking!!! It takes two hours :O! Its about a mile and a half a day but the kids wake up and ask "where are we hiking today mom" instead of "can we watch a show?" Guess what my kids are so pleasant too!! We talk so much on our hikes. The best thing about it is to see brothers work together to help each other without a fight, priceless.

Amy look at what you have started :)!!! Should we hike together?:)

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!