Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grace and Ruby....Ruby and Grace!!!

Good Morning little beauties! Love the Afros?
Ruby you make me laugh!

Like the new hair conditioner Ruby?

What a funny look on Ruby's face!

I had so much fun with you Gracie, I will see you in three weeks!
We had so much fun with Grace and Suzi who came down all the way from Everett to have a slumber party with us. I think Suzi and I had more fun than the girls. We went to a late night shopping to Safeway for snacks and Suzi made me get little sausages pigs in the blankets. We had that, pizza, and molten lava ice cakes and watch a girly movie while the girls slept. We woke up and gave the girls a bath with Graces new hair products that's a must have now. Then we loaded up and drove and meet up with little Ben and Maya at the AGCI picnic. We had a great time being together and I love that the girls get to have this special bond, its also helps that the mamma's like hanging out too! Just don't ask Suzi to go shopping to Ikea, I think she hates it :)! Just kidding Suz.


Michael and Michelle said...

I love those pictures!!!! I already ordered the hair product. I know I'm still waiting for our baby to come home....but I am so excited, I just had to get some.
Grace and Ruby are just gorgeous!! I wish I could squeeze them both!
Very cute post.


The Gresham Clan said...

That is AWESOME - too funny!! See you in a few weeks :)!


The Redman's said...

Nice!!! I love IKEA-- just not when I'm totally exhausted and hauling a tired little one around the store as well!! I'll meet you ANYTIME at the one in Renton!!! :) I blame you for making me eat ALL that food before bed.... which kept me up most of the night!!!!!!! :) Just kiddin'-- I'll do a girls night with you anytime!!!

Courtney said...

Hey, this is Courtney Young :)

It was so nice to meet you at the AGCI picnic! Ruby is a doll :)

Yvonne said...

Oh My God. I swear I did a double take, at first I thought Ruby was looking into a mirrow They are gorgeous, they could pass for sisters. God bless them both. I love checking out your blog, I know we keep missing each other via phone, but the last emails, kept me checking and begging for more. I love all of you, Josiah, Aiden, our angel baby, Hudson and Ruby. Thank you Lord for Frank. God's blessing on all of you.
Love Tia Yvonne

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