Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bockschfest 2008

Enjoying the show with daddy

Enjoying the fireworks show on the lawn

Brother and Sister love :)

Dad, Auntie Amy and Uncle Dave getting a little Ruby love

Cousins Reuben and Ruby

Big man A hugging BFF and Cousin O-bug
Big Man A-Tinkerbell -Obug (names changed to protect the not always so innocent:)

What is Bockschfest? I have these super cool friends who have been so gracious to invite us to their celebration of the 4Th they call "Bockschfest". Its pretty amazing, these friends have a lake house and have a three day party at their home. You pitch your own tent bring some grub to share and enjoy the laughter to be had. We had fun with the jets skies, riding on the boat, fishing, sitting in the hot tub and just relaxing on the lawn chairs. Sherry, the host is extraordinarily spectacular to have this many people in her house and serve with a smile! She also took the time to make everyone matching sweatshirts with logos and even lan-ah you know those name tag thingies that hang off your neck. Everyone brings their kids, so imagine all the kids. It was Ruby's first 4Th Celebration and we had a blast. Thanks Bocksch family, for your sweet hospitality.


The Redman's said...

Looks like a blast!!!!! Lovin' all the pics.... and did you get a haircut??? Ruby's hair sure is getting long.. the red bows are super cute!! And... I already have some ideas for our Ethiopian camping trip next summer!!!!!


The Gresham Clan said...

How fun!!! What neat friends you have! Looking forward to helping plan the Ethiopian camping trip - SO FUN!


Joy said...

Who can beat that?!! That sounds like the best fourth party I can think of. How generous of your friend and what a blast for your family!

Our journey said...

LOVE Ruby's hair with the two big red bows. Looks like you guys had a great weekend.


Easties said...

Cool party! You have a beautiful family!

Maria and Family said...

Oh my your daughter is beautiful! We are with AGCI too..waiting for our Ethiopian princess :)

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