Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grace and Ruby....Ruby and Grace!!!

Good Morning little beauties! Love the Afros?
Ruby you make me laugh!

Like the new hair conditioner Ruby?

What a funny look on Ruby's face!

I had so much fun with you Gracie, I will see you in three weeks!
We had so much fun with Grace and Suzi who came down all the way from Everett to have a slumber party with us. I think Suzi and I had more fun than the girls. We went to a late night shopping to Safeway for snacks and Suzi made me get little sausages pigs in the blankets. We had that, pizza, and molten lava ice cakes and watch a girly movie while the girls slept. We woke up and gave the girls a bath with Graces new hair products that's a must have now. Then we loaded up and drove and meet up with little Ben and Maya at the AGCI picnic. We had a great time being together and I love that the girls get to have this special bond, its also helps that the mamma's like hanging out too! Just don't ask Suzi to go shopping to Ikea, I think she hates it :)! Just kidding Suz.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Support Letter For South Africa

Many of you have asked if I will be sending out support letters for my mission to South Africa. This terrifies me to no end! I am so embarrassed to ask for support that's why I have lingered doing so. I never want my friends to feel as though they have to give money in order to save face, I don't feel like that whatsoever. God will move who he wants to move and I believe that wholeheartedly! I am sending them out this week, so if you want to be on my list feel free to email me if you don't see a letter in the mail, if you do see one and get annoyed I am so sorry :(.
The scoop of the amount I need is $2500 this included travel and lodging.
If you would like to donate to my cause you may do so by clicking on the donate button on the side.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I heart my big brothers!

This is what big brothers are for making race cars out of laundry basket and driving their sister all over the house. Oh and of course making sure its very comfortable for her and that she is well padded in case of a fall or bump. Ruby is eating the attention all up! Gotta love them ;0!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Hummer 2008-Westwood Baptist

Music Team: Jaguar Gina, Mavrick Mandy, Dynamite Denise, Atomic Abby, Nitro Nat
Cousins at Camp : Reuben, J, A-man, O-Bug, E-bud

Super Duper Chris with J

Up at 6 out by 7 each morning ahh don't we look awake!

Every year my church puts on this AMAZING camp called Summer Hummer. Its the best VBS camp ever hands down. Let me tell you why, We have 850+ kids from the community com. 370 volunteers take the week off from work and there own schedules. We have a creative staff that makes this time of learning about God fun for these kids.The motto is "Teaching kids the meaning of life while having the time of their lives!" There is so much energy in this building that you can't help but want to be apart of this community of Love.
So I am on the music team that sing and yes dance in front of all these kids. Its a good thing that children are so graceful :)
I started training for camp way back in April with four other girls, that I have gotten to get closer to in this time and they are a stinking RIOT! Its so much fun! The boys are involved as campers and Ruby is in childcare with the Future campers group from 7:30-4pm in the afternoon but she loves it.
The interesting thing about camp is that I have learned so much about the Scriptures as I teach it in song to the kids. I love to walk behind the kids in the hall and listen to them singing softly to themselves the songs we just taught them. The children's faces light up when they sing and I know God's heart just melts as he listens to them. 55 kids came to know Christ at camp!
Its sad to say good-bye and although its so much work I am looking forward to it again. Hey PJ I may do a chain link of how many days till Summer Hummer again :) want one?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bockschfest 2008

Enjoying the show with daddy

Enjoying the fireworks show on the lawn

Brother and Sister love :)

Dad, Auntie Amy and Uncle Dave getting a little Ruby love

Cousins Reuben and Ruby

Big man A hugging BFF and Cousin O-bug
Big Man A-Tinkerbell -Obug (names changed to protect the not always so innocent:)

What is Bockschfest? I have these super cool friends who have been so gracious to invite us to their celebration of the 4Th they call "Bockschfest". Its pretty amazing, these friends have a lake house and have a three day party at their home. You pitch your own tent bring some grub to share and enjoy the laughter to be had. We had fun with the jets skies, riding on the boat, fishing, sitting in the hot tub and just relaxing on the lawn chairs. Sherry, the host is extraordinarily spectacular to have this many people in her house and serve with a smile! She also took the time to make everyone matching sweatshirts with logos and even lan-ah you know those name tag thingies that hang off your neck. Everyone brings their kids, so imagine all the kids. It was Ruby's first 4Th Celebration and we had a blast. Thanks Bocksch family, for your sweet hospitality.
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!