Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rubys Referral Day 1st Anniversary

Meeting daddy for the first time August 11, 2007

Our Referral Picture June 18, 2007

Last year on this exact day we got a call that changed us from the inside out. It was a call about our sweet baby girl Ruby. You can read the happenings of that day here. So one year to the date We are so in love with her. I wish I could make an awesome video like Suzi Redman :) but snapshots will have to do.
This also marks my 100th post....yes I totally planned it this way :)! I wanted to write a letter to Ruby for this very sweet milestone.

My Precious sweet girl,
Your dad and I am amazed by the places in our hearts that you have shown us, we never knew would come alive again. God has placed YOU in our home in our lives in our path with a plan for your life. We are in awe of His goodness to entrust us with you our sweet girl. You make us smile and laugh and you are a constant reminder of your people that have become our people. My child thank you for the priceless way you call us "mamma" and "daddy". We are astonished by the privilege of raising you.

Your Mamma and Daddy


The Redman's said...

precious, precious girl!!!!! And yes, I'll come down your way... let's plan a day!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

I love this post and I am sure Ruby is going to appreciate it in the near future.

julie_joshb said...

oh i love it! i cant believe it has been a year since your referral too! wow!


love your referral pics...i have never seen them!

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Oh how I remember sharing that day with you guys on 8/11. I didn't realize we practically share the same referral day too! God has shown His blessing and favor on your precious family!

Michael and Michelle said...

I can't wait for that day!!! Oh referral day!!!!
She's a beauty!!!

Lindsey said...

She is a sweet and precious girl. I can see that your children bring you much joy! It's so nice to see you in this place!

Stacie said...

I forgot that our referrals were almost the same day! Happy referral-versary! Isn't it amazing how the past year has gone by so fast?

The Gresham Clan said...

I just love this post - it is such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Ruby!! Isn't it amazing how God orchestrates things? Are you going to the AGCI picnic in Aug? I'd LOVE to see you there!!! Thank you for sharing about your beautiful family!


C & R said...

Love this post, I am still wiping tears away!

Our journey said...

What a great post and gist for Ruby in the future.


sparkz said...

I can't wait until we can celebrate like that. It looks like it was fun. That's awesome! Happy
1st year!

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