Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy...Happy Fathers day!

Today I celebrate you tall dark and handsome man in my life! I love you all the you are all that you are not. There is a huge piece of you in me for that I will always be thankful
Things I love about you...
1. Your generous will always give your shirt off your back.
2. Your always full of smiles and cheer!
3. You drop everything to help out a friend.
4. You Love your family!
5. You make the dumbest jokes I have ever heard and you crack yourself up laughing about it.
6. You cant remember numbers
7. You can't leave a message on the phone without cracking up laughing at your self. You can't record your own voice mail :)!
8. You love kids mine your gran kids especially.
9. You don't share your food, its so funny to watch your eyes hunt us down when we ask you for a bite of yours...
10. You love popcorn, and nuts!
11. You are always there for us. No MATTER WHAT!
12. I high school everyone wanted to hang out at our house because you were so cool still are!
Happy Fathers day
Love you dad! Thanks for loving me too.

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Hauswife said...

AWESOME daddy photos! Don't you just love the old pics? You list is precious. We are so blessed to have great fathers!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!