Saturday, May 31, 2008

She is busy!

I find myself chasing Ruby all over the house. I swear I sweep like three times and mop once a day and yet this girl seems to find every thing! And whats worse is that when I pick her up she is so dirty! I feel like I am a terrible house keeper. She has no intention of walking but is a fast crawler and can get into very small spaces. :)
Her brothers have had the choir to follow Ruby, nice!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Hudsons 2nd Birthday

Today is our Hudson's second birthday on earth. A sweet friend of mine who's little girl passed away before Hudson emailed this quote to me "Time doesn't heal all wounds, its just teaches you how to live with them." We skipped work and school to be a family today and just laugh and play together we had lunch out and then took a drive to see Hudson's grave. My four year old disappeared down the lawn and returned with a few little American flags from other peoples grave :O He said he didn't see any at Hudson's and he wanted him to have some. Okay at that moment I could make him tell me where he got them from or just see the innocence of the moment. We buckled the kids in and I meet Frank around the front of the car and I just let out a little cry as I wonder what he would be like now at two. The kids he would run with. We are learning to live the wound of our loss. Counting the blessings of our meeting an angel even for three months. Thank you sweet friends that remembered to call me and send messages. I love that you think of him.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I have kept a little hush....

I have been praying for months about where the Lord would want me to be involved in Missions in Africa. I have kept a little hush about this project well via Blog world. I have been asking friends for prayer about a project in December. Let me tell you a little about it.
One day in April I heard on Spirit 105.3 that Anita Renfroe would be performing at a church in Seattle, Overlake Christian. I thought it would be fun to go for my birthday with a few girls. I went to the site and started searching for tickets, but got side tracked when I felt a curiosity (okay lead) to go look at the mission site. Tons of mission this church puts on. Well I see a South Africa mission and my heart started to beat. I called right away and the church told me to email a gal named Jodie Howerton who was very sweet to reply to me eager email :) My questions where the obvious what is the mission, how long, and how much? Jodie and I have been emailing back and forth and then I was introduced to another mom friend of hers who is adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia thought ALL Gods Children, hi Neeley!
I have been in prayer and seeking the lord this is a dream of mine to go, but I really wanted it to be from the heart of God to mine and not from my own agenda, know what I mean? So this Friday night I drove to what felt like Canada :) (not really) to meet with other people interested in the mission to South Africa. While Jodie spoke about what our mission would be I could see her passion for the children and the crises in Africa due to AIDS. I felt a unity like Christ had brought me to this place. So.....I have to decide in two weeks if I am to go to South Africa with this group.
Here is our mission.
1.We will be caring for AIDS orphans at a transitional home (its a nice word for Orphanage) called Ithemba Lethu
2. We will help with small projects around the home
3. My favorite part....we will run two Holiday camps at local public schools for 4-12Th graders teaching them Gods worth at the same time teaching them AIDS/HIV prevention

Itheba Lethu which is Zulu for "Child of Destiny", Is a partner organization though Glenridge Chruch International. South Africa's Zulu kingdoms population is 75% HIV positive. If you have ever read about the Zulu culture you would know that the woman and young girls are treated as if they have no value. They are merely things to be used at the disposal of any man at any time. Oh I so want to spread the love to these girls, its breaks me. So would you please pray for me, I have to raise $3000 and I know to God that's no big deal, but for me that's a lot of dough! This is my only obstacle. I know my family will be safe without me for 10 days. Franks has taken time off and my mom will come and stay with the kids half the time, I love you mom for that.! Continue to pray that this does not become a soap box for my own agenda but for the Lords as I go for the purpose to be his hands and feet in the shanty towns of South Africa. Anyways the reason I was not posting about this was because what if it doesn't happen I would be so embarrassed asking for prayer, and not going. SO I AM STEPPING OUT IN FAITH HERE!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My friend Jenn

Taken with Ruby when Ruby came home
Our very close friends Warren and Jenn Heckert are in route to Kazakhstan to pick up there baby or toddler. I think for privacy sake I have to keep gender out of it. My friend Jenn are one of those friends you call for the silliest reasons, you know which friends I am talking about. You earned a free coffee and your one the cell phone calling and saying "Oh my gosh I totally scored a coffee just now!" One of those friends that laughs on the other side of the phone and say "Oh Nat, you crack me up!" I have known her for 10 years and since day one of my children's life she insisted on being called "NENE" or Auntie Jen, her kids call us Auntie Nat and Uncle Frank. So because she is gone for TWO MONTHS...sniff sniff I may have to bug the other pals of mine for silly stuff! Jenn I love you guys and cant wait to see little one "A". Call us soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Maria Chapman 2003-2008

Please pray for the Chapman family as they grief the lose of thier 5 year old daughter and sister. Its a tragic accident that took place at there home on Wednesday. The Chapmans have three adopted daughters and are a big voice for Orphans, my heart goes out to them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rubys Celebrates 1!

Ruby Roo is one!

We celebrated Ruby's birthday Caribbean style, with close friends and family. Ruby loves people, we have seen this is a part of her personality she is so social. So people around is a plus. This birthday was a little emotional for me, I think its because I have a sense of loss I didn't think it would bother me to celebrate my baby's birthday but it has been bitter sweet for a few reasons. One Hudson never made it to one. Second his birthday is on the 27th and I always stress about not knowing what to do with it. I feel ashamed confessing that because I should be so excited that Ruby is one! The other thing that makes me ache is that a mother on the other part of the world has a sense of loss too. Ruby's birth mother. But you know what Ruby is one, can you see I am talking myself out of getting bummed out. Did you know one out of six babies in Ethiopia never make it to see one?! Ruby is one of the other five. That's a huge deal.

So with some of our loved ones we sang a very happy birthday to this sweet girl, is she so adorable?! Auntie Cindy made this cake thank you so much. And for all the loves ones that helped make this a special.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!