Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Uptown Organics

Okay I must say life has been a little hectic right now Momma got a job! Yes me, I work two days a week at my friends really cute Organic Cafe'. I am so proud of her for following her dream and opening two stores Uptown Organics. I work with a sweet lady I love and respect Darla. Its been fun but really strange to find myself in the work field, wosh hard work! If I didn't mention before, things are really right, with the economy cutting back on things we find our selves pinching it and so I wanted to take some pressure of hubby. Frank has three days off and so I work on two of his days off. The kids really love me to be gone, they feel like they have dad all to themselves I think they really enjoy this time. It really make me apprecaite his hard work when I walk in his shoes and work for two full days. Plus my small confession is that I am a little green so I really love working for people that appreciate the truth about good organic foods!


Our journey said...

Congrats on your job! It is great that you can help out the family and the kids are still with either you or Frank. I would love an opportunity to work a little, but it would have to be when Jason is off work like you do it with Frank. I will have to stop in some time and have something to eat. The menu looks fabulous!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Congratulations for your new job.

The Tulloss Family said...

That's great Nat! I will have to stop by and see you some time.

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