Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Timeless Treasure...Grandma's Cabin

Okay is this not the cutest thing or what! I love her cheese grin she does this when she sees the camera now. I wish I looked this cute in a bikini :)

For 31 years my hubby's family have a tradition they take off every sixth week and go to the Ocean on Pacific Beach. Frank and his siblings grew up with going every six weeks. No matter what was going on in life, it stopped at the sixth week on what is called J week. They have a small condo where Unwinding of life takes place. There are no telephones no emails to check no mail so your are focused on family and conversation. My in laws go and my sister in law Amy and her husband Dave have purchased a time slot in the same week so they can continue the tradition with there family. I remember the first time I went, it was before we were married and I cried, this is no Ocean ( I am from the VIRGIN ISLANDS:) it makes no sense to cover myself from head to toe to go to the beach I wanted no part of this tradition I wanted to move my hubby to to sunshine and wanted to make him so miserable about the weather by being sick of me compiling about it. Mission completed he was miserable but not with the weather with me.( silly 18 year old mentality, yes I was that young!)
So times have changed drastically and I LOVE THE OCEAN! Change of heart came soon after I learned to embrace. Oh yes and the respect I have learned for my man. To see my kids get excited and even Frank as he enjoys seeing the joy of letting his kids run the sand dunes just as he did and a kid. There is a realness and genuineness that takes place in his sisters eyes as she watches her little brother be a dad, and in the same light as he watches her be a mom. We have AWESOME do you really get the intent of my writing when I say AWESOME nephews they are so much fun and to see our boys play is such deep warmth. We packed it up and went this weekend with no schedule no intention just to eat and play. And that's just what we did with the company of true laughter. We embraced the cold wet Pacific beach and what my kids call Grandmas cabin.


Yolar said...

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TedTracie said...


TedTracie said...

It's so funny that you said taht about the laundry. I can't keep up with it at all! It's like this pile that KEEPS GROWING!


We are either the cleanest are the dirtest people in town!



The Gresham Clan said...

This sounds absolutely delightful! What a wonderful tradition. Your kids are adorable!

Our journey said...

Sound like a wonderful time. I think the ocean is the greatest place on earth-even when you need to bundle up from head to toe to enjoy it! Ruby looks adorable in that suit!


shelly said...

love the bikini...love the family tradition!

Amber said...

hello. we have begun our journey to find our daughter in Ethiopia and have started to blog about it. I would love to swap links with you if that would be o.k. please let me know.

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