Monday, March 10, 2008


"Imagine for a moment that 10 million children were going to loose their lives next year due to the earths overheating. A state of emergency would be declared and you would be reading about little else. Well, next year, more than 10 million children's loves will be lost unnecessarily to extremer, poverty , and you'll hear very little about it. Nearly half will be on the Continent of Africa, where HIV?AIDS is killing teachers faster than you can train them and where you can witness entire villages in which the children are the parents."

"Will American Christian stand by as an entire continent dies?"


Last night I had the privilege of attending a program at my church, called Children of the world International Children's Choir. The were heart wrenchingly cute! I walked in when the were singing the African alma matta, and I memorized it in High school (yes Africa was in my heart then too)! The kids minister to 60 counties and share the desperation of needs around the globe. The are a voice for their nations and last night the Voice was heard for the nation of Africa. Concerning the devastation of AIDS. I think it woke some people up to hear that this is going on now, and its not getting better its getting worse. I thought I would do a little research at what Moms can do here in the US on our front.

Here is something I thought that was really neat ....Breastmilk Donations. For you nursing mommas, you can donate your milk. 25 percent goes to Africa and the rest stays here in the US for critcally ill children. They ship the coolers to you and test your blood at your own home at no cost to you. Check it out at BrestMilk Project. I have noe to give, but maybe someone knows someone that have extra?
Okay that is my search for the day...on to do laundry, change a diaper, feed the dog, take a shower, make lunch, you get it!


The Gresham Clan said...

I love this! And I love your passion for Africa. I wish I'd known about this breast feeding deal when I was nursing my kids - I has an entire freezer (big one) full of milk that was extra - ugh! Thanks for researching and sharing - you're amazing!
PS LOVE the curls too - it's crazy and wild but I'm glad we've got it :)!

boltefamily said...

I love your heart for Africa. I have actually donated milk after we lost our Isaac. I thought about it with our last baby but just couldn't. I would love to chat sometime about your adoption journey as we are thinking of embarking on our own!

Kristy Bolte
(Asher's Mom)

Hauswife said...

I just heard about this! And, it kills me, too, that I pitched an entire freezer full of breastmilk. I think once Africa gets into your system, it never goes away. It's a passion that grows!

Michael and Michelle said...

Great Post!! That would've been nice to know when I had milk. I was holstein (that's a milking cow) when my babies were born. (Ha) I could've given some milk away.
That's so great to know. Your passion for Africa's people is great!

steitzfitness said...

Hey Natalie! I have loved your African posts lately! I asked Josh for your email (I know I have had it before...) and when I get more than *leave your comment* time I am gonna shoot you one. Our church is a mission church from Rwanda ( and my hubby and I have been challenged lots on what we need to do there, adoption!!!!, missions again, etc! Would love to connect;) Thanks for the blog encouragement! So good!
xooxxoxo from Michigan!

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