Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beauty from Ashes an adoption story by Natalie Teabo

I just wrote this story to our agency for a entry to a magazine, I dont know if it will get choosen but I wanted to share.

What brought you to the decision to adopt?
We are asked this question so often I have written the story on the tablet of my heart although its still difficult to talk about it does get a little easier with time.
Our heart to adopt comes from ashes, Ashes? Yes ashes. You see in May of 2006 we birthed a son that had endless medical issues one that we knew would perhaps never live to see his 1st birthday. One whom we held as he entered Gods throne on August 21, 2006. Hudson Sawyer is his name. We loved him with all our being, we hoped for a cure in his condition, we seized prayer without ending. Yet our son Hudson did not have healing. Our hearts were broken and as we packed up the belongs to our sons room we could not help but wonder if this is the last child that will enter our hearts or my womb.
My husband Frank and I through we should talk to a Genetics specialist to see if this could happen again to future children. We both went through a series of genetic test to find out that we are both in the clear and what happened to Hudson was what they call a fluke. Even though we were both "good to go", we had a sense that maybe God had something more for us, something more special.
That’s when adoption came to my mind what could be more perfect, than Hudson leading us to this road, to give another child a chance of life just as we did to him.
With careful prayer and research we came across All Gods Children International. Without much thought of country we decided Guatemala would be ideal, I am Hispanic and my family would be so accepting to a Hispanic child. It made sense, no need to look at any other county . So we did our home study paper work and signed contracts. When our social worker came to do your home visit she made sure we knew the complications of an international county adoption and asked if we had another country as a back up plan. "What ?" I thought I had already envisioned a Hispanic child with us it could not be another country. My husband was intrigued by her comment and asked her what country she would have us consider. "Ethiopia", she began to tell us the facts and statistics of this county, all the while I was so scared inside. All these stereotypes came to my mind, the kids with the flies around their faces, big worm bellies, dying. Before my social worker had time to finish her advocated speech for Ethiopia, my husband Frank said "YES!"The social worker was surprised at Franks quickness in the suggestions and asked us to pray about it talk about it research it, and let her know. I could not sleep all I could do was think about these children orphaned on the streets of Ethiopia, my heart grew more and more excited I had never felt this way about a child that was not mine yet. I knew it was a feeling that the Lord gave to me , it’s a jolt inside of me and I could not grab that phone fast enough to ask our social worker JoAnn to change the paper work.

The name we choose for our daughter Ruby, reminds me of what God did to my heart, he chipped away the pain and the hurt from losing a child to find a true jem. And from the ashes comes beauty, hope from suffering.
Is our pain gone because we adopted? NO! One child can never replace another one. Yet the gift that God has shown us through adoption has been a huge part of the healing process for us.
We fell love with Ethiopia as we fell in love with our daughter Ruby. The faces of the children will remain in our hearts forever. It is a country rich with culture and understanding of human sacrifice. Our stay in Ethiopia was unique and treasured.
Its ironic that we thought we would go save a child when in reality this child has saved us.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My boys...ah I get a kick out of them!

Ruby and big brother
The boys decided that they wanted to try combing Ruby's hair, poor Ruby I thought, but what the hay lets give it a go! They were so fabulous one softly picked out the ends and the other brushed product into it. Ruby was a great sport to deal with such a fuss, I think she enjoyed the attention from the brothers.

Our boys got report cards today :) Its so cute! Even my 4 year old he has a progress report and I am proud to report my boys are so bright, and doing exceptionally well in school.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She is better!

Miss Ruby in her new high chair!

Little Shukums is doing better. Mom on the other hand another story! Thanks for checking on her, RSV is in the clear.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your invited to....

Step into Africa. My friend Melia told me about this very interesting event World Vision is putting on called Step into Africa. I have 8 tickets if anyone wants to go to this free exhibit on Sunday April 20, at 4 pm Life Center in Tacoma. Check it out.

Monday, March 10, 2008


"Imagine for a moment that 10 million children were going to loose their lives next year due to the earths overheating. A state of emergency would be declared and you would be reading about little else. Well, next year, more than 10 million children's loves will be lost unnecessarily to extremer, poverty , and you'll hear very little about it. Nearly half will be on the Continent of Africa, where HIV?AIDS is killing teachers faster than you can train them and where you can witness entire villages in which the children are the parents."

"Will American Christian stand by as an entire continent dies?"


Last night I had the privilege of attending a program at my church, called Children of the world International Children's Choir. The were heart wrenchingly cute! I walked in when the were singing the African alma matta, and I memorized it in High school (yes Africa was in my heart then too)! The kids minister to 60 counties and share the desperation of needs around the globe. The are a voice for their nations and last night the Voice was heard for the nation of Africa. Concerning the devastation of AIDS. I think it woke some people up to hear that this is going on now, and its not getting better its getting worse. I thought I would do a little research at what Moms can do here in the US on our front.

Here is something I thought that was really neat ....Breastmilk Donations. For you nursing mommas, you can donate your milk. 25 percent goes to Africa and the rest stays here in the US for critcally ill children. They ship the coolers to you and test your blood at your own home at no cost to you. Check it out at BrestMilk Project. I have noe to give, but maybe someone knows someone that have extra?
Okay that is my search for the day...on to do laundry, change a diaper, feed the dog, take a shower, make lunch, you get it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ruby has RSV! Bummer, she is not happy to get treatment, and I am so sad for her, pray that this one past super fast and that she gets well soon. Its can be a really rough Virus. Cam you tell she is loving the treatments? ur Um...maybe not soo much!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Timeless Treasure...Grandma's Cabin

Okay is this not the cutest thing or what! I love her cheese grin she does this when she sees the camera now. I wish I looked this cute in a bikini :)

For 31 years my hubby's family have a tradition they take off every sixth week and go to the Ocean on Pacific Beach. Frank and his siblings grew up with going every six weeks. No matter what was going on in life, it stopped at the sixth week on what is called J week. They have a small condo where Unwinding of life takes place. There are no telephones no emails to check no mail so your are focused on family and conversation. My in laws go and my sister in law Amy and her husband Dave have purchased a time slot in the same week so they can continue the tradition with there family. I remember the first time I went, it was before we were married and I cried, this is no Ocean ( I am from the VIRGIN ISLANDS:) it makes no sense to cover myself from head to toe to go to the beach I wanted no part of this tradition I wanted to move my hubby to to sunshine and wanted to make him so miserable about the weather by being sick of me compiling about it. Mission completed he was miserable but not with the weather with me.( silly 18 year old mentality, yes I was that young!)
So times have changed drastically and I LOVE THE OCEAN! Change of heart came soon after I learned to embrace. Oh yes and the respect I have learned for my man. To see my kids get excited and even Frank as he enjoys seeing the joy of letting his kids run the sand dunes just as he did and a kid. There is a realness and genuineness that takes place in his sisters eyes as she watches her little brother be a dad, and in the same light as he watches her be a mom. We have AWESOME do you really get the intent of my writing when I say AWESOME nephews they are so much fun and to see our boys play is such deep warmth. We packed it up and went this weekend with no schedule no intention just to eat and play. And that's just what we did with the company of true laughter. We embraced the cold wet Pacific beach and what my kids call Grandmas cabin.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!