Sunday, February 10, 2008

We have teeth!

Do you see it, we have three teeth! Yeah and she is quit the ham! We are growing up, today Ruby turned 9 months, She has been home almost six months! Is that crazy?!


stacnjul said...

You need to enter those pics in a baby photo contest!!!! I think they just made my day:)

Our journey said...

Can I just say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Love the teeth.


Michael and Michelle said...

Cute! I could see her she will really start looking like a "big" girl.


Lindsey said...


Liz F. said...

Wow, would you look at that hair! I LOVE it!! Too cute. God bless, Liz

Stacie said...

What a cutie smile! Love the teeth! We had two and then suddenly 5 more were coming in!!

Tasha said...

Can she be any cuter or happier?!?!?!

Too adorable for words.


Look at that hair! I love it! I looks really good and her curls are great looking! How do you many the fuzzies or doesn't she have them!
Love that lil' gal!
jen in MI

Hauswife said...

Those need to go on the family wall! Have mercy, she is such a sugar! I need to squeeze her. May I squeeze her please???

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!