Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Speaking to me....

God has always chosen to speak to me even as a child through very strange ways, perhaps thats because He know that I am wired just that way?! I Know that sometimes I get the rolling of the eyes and at times I don't share how he is calling to me for fear of doubt from others. Now in recent days I have shared that He has been talking to me about Africa. Now I am putting it out there to share so be kind. He shows me signs yes, for me many times its signs. For instance a few months ago I saw Africa in a blood stain (gross) . I bought a pack of steaks and while cooking it there it was again all the steaks are nice and round but mine was Africa. I spilled water at my sons speech therapy session and it was you guessed it the shape of Africa because I even asked the speech therapist "Does this look like a continent to you...?" She then responded (oh my she must think I am crazy) "Well I guess it looks life Africa!" I walked into Costco to shop there is an Africa Trunk show with things from African countries being sold. I decided I have to take pictures from now on because no one will believe me. So here is the proof..I was chatting on the phone to my friend Jenn making my Hubby's favorite calzone and what do I look down to see yes Africa and no it is not rigged in any way. When I tell my hubby he just chuckles night after we but the kids to bed to watch our favorite show Lost I am eating pretzel chips and before I put this one in my mouth he yells "STOP ITS AFRICA!" my madness has taken over him :)
I was brought up with the belief that God still uses all gifts today as he did back in the day, many scholars will ague that but I doubt they have ever experienced it then! I went recently to get prayer and had a word spoken over me ( this would be the gift of propechcy) that I would minister to people in distress in Eastern Africa, that was last week. I was also encouraged by the people that prayed they said just because God moves in you heart now doesn't mean its to move now, It could be tomorrow. Yesterday and people that go to my church can maybe attest to this if you were looking, but as the pastor gave his message on the thingy that shows the songs and sermon notes (what is that called?) it had a picture of the northern part of Africa with Saudi Arabia and a few other countries anyways, above Ethiopia was the word tomorrow. You don't have to believe me, its okay (sniff sniff!) I am confident in our God enough I know HE speaks! I am listening God when your timing is right! Dont send me to the nut house just yet :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh Sweet Valentine!

Ruby hearts Cousin Isaac, Cousin Isaac hearts Ruby!
Ruby sees Binkie and wants it, so she goes for it!

Ruby Pulls Binkie out of cousin Isaacs' mouth

Cousin Isaac pulls it away from Ruby

A lthough it looks like Ruby is putting binkie back in she is really pulling it out!


Isaac takes binkie back!

But not without a fight notice he has two of his hands on his binkie, rightfully so!

Okay this went on for a little while, then I think Cousin Isaac got really grumpy with Ruby :) We love playing with Isaac he is the yougest of my Sister in Laws boys. And is he a heartbreaker or what!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We have teeth!

Do you see it, we have three teeth! Yeah and she is quit the ham! We are growing up, today Ruby turned 9 months, She has been home almost six months! Is that crazy?!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Helen Returns to Ethiopia-by Melissa Fay Green

Here is an article about Mellisa Fay Greene taking her daughter back to Ethiopia five years after her adoption. I found it very inspirational.

Ethiopia Reads

I just found this really awesome program that brings books to the children of Ethiopia via a traveling donkey :) and they have also opened up a children's library. Its really intresting, I invite you to read about them, its called Ethiopia Reads you can also visit the blog. If you are going to Ethiopia you can take a book from the book list and drop it off at the Sholas Childrens' Library. I wish I knew about this before I went to Ethiopia. There are also a list of very wonderful books written in English/Amharic. Take a look.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Broken for Africa.....

My life lately has been overtaken by worries of lives circumstances. Many things happened to us last weekend that deflated us financially where we just feel overwhelmed. Too many to mention. However in the midst of calamity......God speaks. And lately its been through my prayer life on the floor, weeping for Africa. I dream of the children, the endless children of dying parents of AIDS, I ache for the Orphaned babies and there older siblings left to care for them. For a few weeks this feeling has been strong HUGE and I am reminded of it every time I look at my Ruby’s eyes. What can "I"do? I can adopt more!!?? When I pray for this something happens in our circumstances that sets us back even farther than where we can swim. My wonderful husband had the opportunity to listen to my heart one evening over a cup of Starbucks as I poured out my ache, and my confusion of why me, what can I do with this burden. And why not someone with more money and no responsibility. You know what he will love it......He told me to go to Africa! We meet as missionaries and he knows my heart has always been to go back to the field. However I know that we are to be here for now. My mate suggested I take a trip once a year...or at least start out with that idea, and go to Africa as a short term mission, well for a week, but he would be willing to take vacation time and hold down the fort so God can use me there. I felt a huge relief when he said that, It been a huge desire and I have never asked him to go, I have my babies and this is my mission field now.....but It doesn’t mean that I cant take a week a year and see where God can lead me in the field of the fatherless. My hope to one day take them along. I have begun looking at diffrent short term missions, and one that really toches me is called 5 for 50. The writer and missionary Tom Davis, really inspires me and puts a voice to my hearts desire for the poor. I feel that I am on a mountain top with my arms wide open and I am saying "here I am Lord send me!" (but just for a week :) My wonderful husband has also inspired me to see where we can work together as a family right here in our community, I know he is a wise man right!
If you have any suggestions for me about missions that your church is putting together to Africa, I would love to know. For now pray for me.
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!