Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions....hummm.....

F and I sit down and write down our goals each year, mostly I never accomplish them and My ever so sweet husband still believes in me to do it. I have a few that I will keep to myself so that I wont be reminded because of my lack of accomplishments. I am cutting myself some slack this year!

Here are a few I don't mind sharing... (NOT IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE)

1. Don't take things too personal, assume the best in people, I have been really good for a little while but If I pray for people then guess what my heart totally changes for them! (who would have thought!)

2. Date my boys! My oldest and I went out a couple of weeks ago and I laughed out loud so many times with him, I was amused in a very delightful way with my kid, I loved it!

3. Make my husband very happy, by respecting his job by listening (with excitement) to his job stories. By thanking him for working so hard for us, He is a Rock, and deserves a jem on his side so I strive to be that even more!

4. Build deeper relationships, I have to say this takes time. My life has changed so much and My hubby has become by BFF but I miss having girl times, and do need them. I worked up the nerve to ask a girlfriend for coffee one night and we had so much fun! I needed that. Even scrapbook/reading clubs right Melissa :)!

5. Love my family, I mean the whole enchilada! My DH has some awesome people in his family after our life with Hudson I was awaken by how much they are there for us and how much they love us. So I want to love on them even more!

6. Die to my own flesh....oooooo...this is the hardest one yet, I want to have a fragrance for Christ like I never have. This soul is beauty from ashes. Less of me, less of me, less of me!


Lindsey said...

You are already so much the person that you are "goaling" to be. I love your sharing heart. Keep pressing on!

steitzfitness said...

I thought you were giving yourself some slack this year!!;) God's grace, God's grace, God's grace! I seem to be taking the road of hard knocks on that one, but I know its tangible;) hehe LOVE the updates. Little Ruby is getting so big, man, always so fast!
Happy New Year!!

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