Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Really what's new?

Puppies...oh gotta love puppies. This is our kids joy and I gotta say there is something special about a boy and his dog or a big boy for that matter. Oh and Ruby giggles with kisses, I don't know if this is safe, but he comes up to kiss her every now and then, Its so cute.
Oh and remember that my Darling and I celebrated our 10th so the kids spent the night at grandmas and you would think we would have arranged some romantic evening! However I crawled into bed and there was ruffling going on under the sheets and it was not my sweetheart or I! When Dh starting giggling I looked and there was our Willie (THE DOG SICKOS!), enjoying this one- on- one with his parents. My sweetheart wears him in a sling around the house, and really loves him. I have to get into the love here, I am picking up poo of the ground and making sure the toys are not chewed, ahh....A puppy is like one more child no kidding.


Julie_JoshB said...

Love the puppy! So cute. I have two that sleep under the covers!!

Erin Jensen said...

Oh I love him!!!!! I am serious about our offer to watch him if you guys ever need to go out of town!!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!