Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Tell me something...does your vision of tree cutting sound romantic and wonderful and ends up being something completely unplanned and revised? For instance every year I notice that when we go cut a tree down all the other families have coco and soup in their cars and I always say the same thing...."Oh that's a great idea I have to remember next year"...and then I forget. Not this year I remembered. I also remembered that we get so cold So I made the boys wear face masks to keep warm, I did this year :) So there we are at the tree farm and my four year old borrowed some boots from grandmas house, she has a plethora of boots. We didn't pack shoes for him because he would get some from grandmas where we dropped Ruby (too cold.) So we got there and found out that the boots were to small, he could not fit his fat foot in there for nothing, we even tried switching with brother who also has big feet, I do to :)! So poor A had to walk with his feet slanted in his boot, we felt so bad he ended up on our shoulders all 62 pounds of him. Then after waiting in line for Santa it was if the boys brain melted too....they forgot what to say, they were speechless, they have a list, but Santa must have scared it out of them. We finally got a tree and I had envisioned Christmas music in the back ground the house smelling like fresh baked cookies, and warm cider. The music was a yes, no cookies or cider. Its okay we got the tree in and I don't know if this ever goes smoothly with your family but our tree usually gets in with a few foul words under Franks breath, those darn screws. Then oh yea dinner.....umm....Chinese?! That's our oldest sons favorite words, Chinese take-out. We ate with our chopsticks oh so yum and bad for you Chinese takeout and laughed at our plan we had a laugh when A our four year old made up a song about eggnog. We gave our kids as we do each year a Hallmark Ornament. J got of course Chinese takeout ornament, A got a red bike because this year he learned to ride, and Ruby we found the best one for her its an African little girl.
So it was all different in my head but that's what being a family is about making the most of the moment and not sweating the small stuff....so for Christmas Eve, I have it planned out. Ham, stuffing, mashed potato's, salad, Nice roaring fire, Frank will sit down and read out of Luke, Lets see how this one ends up.
Do you have wonderful tradtions that go haywire and not as planned?


Heckert's Highway said...

Always!!!! We'll have to see how it goes!

Julie_JoshB said...

Hi, emailed julie to see if i should put any thought of a referral coming before christmas. b/c if not i am putting it out of my mind. she said plan on jan! :(

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Hey girl, I know EXACTLY what you mean. This year, most of our Christmas decorations are still in their rubbermaid storage tub, only it's right in the kitchen where we can trip over it regularly. We'll see if they make it out of there (the kitchen or the tub). Sharon

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