Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bloggies :)

Entering the new world of Adoption I have found wonderful friends through the Internet, silly I first thought. But I meet my sweet friend Suzi through it and now I have meet "On the phone", but it felt like I was in her living room drinking a cup of coffee and listening to her heart, some very precious ladies. Traci who got a referral for a son a few weeks ago and now Julie who got a referral for a baby girl who is so sweet. The funny thing is that Julie and I never spoke until one day I call her to order this must have Shirt and we just chatted like we got of the phone a few hours prior, we leave comments and email. Julie and I laughed at how insane we are, she was so cute to confess to me how excited she is about her referral and waiting for that call. PLEASE I took my phone and cell phone with me to the rest room and put the phone on vibrate in my back pocket so I can vacuum. I would check the dial tone if my phone had not rung in a few hours and would await the biweekly emails from our agency. I know I am not the only one! I joke that we will all get together one day for a Blog reunion and all meet for real. When I heard that Julie got her referral I called her, after I felt a little silly like why did I do that, but I was so excited for her. Congrats to you guys Josh and Julie. Julie and Traci meet and became close friends through AGCI adoptions also. I love to see how God gives us each other for comfort for laughs and for reality checks! Thanks Bloggies!


keelstar said...

It is amazing how God brings us all together through our adoption experiences! I met so many wonderful ladies online when we were adopting our daughter Savannah from Guatemala! Most of them I have never met in person, but they are like sisters to me! God is so good! Blessings, Keely

TedTracie said...

So... I'm going down my blog roll and WHO KNEW I would be on your blog entry. I feel so HONORED!!! Thank you! SO SWEET!!!!

I loved our e-mails back and forth and felt honored as you shared your story with me. It's amazing how we are all united by the blog :-)

I have actually talked to a few people on the phone that I have met through the blog. They think my accent is funny... I don't think I have one BUT JULIE SURE DOES :-) How bout that NY accent huh? I know if Suzy Redman reads this she will say I have a twang... but don't listen to her... haha

Julie_JoshB said...

Natalie! I didnt know u called me!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have loved to talk to you. And you are my blog buddie too! Did u get the tee shirt?

The Redman's said...

I read your comment Tracie!!! I wouldn't call it a twang... a cute southern drawl maybe! :) I love my bloggie friends! Thanks for the cute post, Nat! Looking forward to more get togethers and watching our girls grow!


annieglan said...

What site is that t-shirt from? I would love one!

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