Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rubys First Christmas with Family

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A sneek peek at what our Christmas was like at Grandmas...and Christmas Eve at our home.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A day away...happy birthday Jenni!

Every now and then God blesses me with what I call a "Fat Pants friend", let me explain. Late at night after dinner my favorite thing to do is get in my sweat pants, its the time where I can just wear those pants and feel free. I wont dare wear it to the store or let anyone see me in them. However I will wear them with you if I am very comfortable I have a few of those sweethearts in my life...if you have seen me in them...your one of my fat pants friends :) Yesterday I had the privilege to spend some time with a couple of those girls. Jen had a birthday and we celebrated it with a day at the spa, if you live in South Sound area this is a fabulous idea to do as a girl date. We went to the Olympus Spa entry fee is $35 and you could spend all day going in and out of Saunas and Hot rooms and Jens favorite bathing in the nude (can you read the sarcasm?) You are greeted at the door and when checked in you leave your shoes right at the front in Korean styled Cubbies, where we also left our worries and troubles. You are provided with a wam bathrobe and a snazzy cap.....oh the part we had a challenge was is you have to be quiet and respectful and we are not that crowd! I can't tell you how freeing it was to disrobe only to find that all the women were imperfect and mis-shaped as me. We then ate at a Korean Restaurant at the spa in our bathrobes, it was divine. Thanks Jen and Heather for this awesome time, I had a blast. Oh and Thank you to my Dh who took a day off to give me a day off. The rest of my "Fat pants" friends I am up for this anytime!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bloggies :)

Entering the new world of Adoption I have found wonderful friends through the Internet, silly I first thought. But I meet my sweet friend Suzi through it and now I have meet "On the phone", but it felt like I was in her living room drinking a cup of coffee and listening to her heart, some very precious ladies. Traci who got a referral for a son a few weeks ago and now Julie who got a referral for a baby girl who is so sweet. The funny thing is that Julie and I never spoke until one day I call her to order this must have Shirt and we just chatted like we got of the phone a few hours prior, we leave comments and email. Julie and I laughed at how insane we are, she was so cute to confess to me how excited she is about her referral and waiting for that call. PLEASE I took my phone and cell phone with me to the rest room and put the phone on vibrate in my back pocket so I can vacuum. I would check the dial tone if my phone had not rung in a few hours and would await the biweekly emails from our agency. I know I am not the only one! I joke that we will all get together one day for a Blog reunion and all meet for real. When I heard that Julie got her referral I called her, after I felt a little silly like why did I do that, but I was so excited for her. Congrats to you guys Josh and Julie. Julie and Traci meet and became close friends through AGCI adoptions also. I love to see how God gives us each other for comfort for laughs and for reality checks! Thanks Bloggies!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sara Groves,

For those going to ET

I often ponder on what words I would bestow to future parents on way to Ethiopia, weather your in the process of waiting for travel or process of waiting for a referral or process of thinking about it. I believe you should know how the country can change the you that you have known. If any of you have been on a mission trip you know you return and say you will never be the same but a few weeks go on and you go back to your normal daily musings of life and then by the time you know it the ripples of what you saw has no affect on you any longer. Perhaps this in my own experience on my time in Ethiopia but I am changed from the inside out from what my eyes have seen. I lay in bed and I think about the streets filled with children. The children calling out to me "Mamma, Food!" the kids getting beat by the stick when they beg too close to the restaurants. The babies with no diapers, no blankets, no mom, no dad. The mothers begging for a meal to feed their child strapped to their boney bodies. I think about this as my 4 year old begs for another snack, as I clean off the plates of the tables and see the leftovers. It is a constant in my mind, and I wonder is this just me?

I want to let you know future parents of Ethiopian children, that what you are doing will change you, more than you changing the life of a child it will change YOU! It will remind you of those hurting beyond the borders, it will teach you that you really don't need that much. For some it may burn images in your mind forever for others it may just be a mission to go be united and get back to living. I believe that the ones that have been affected have been touched for a Divine reason. Perhaps to return, perhaps for future mission trips, or perhaps to pray for those families in need.

I was not prepared for the things I did see in Ethiopia even though I have been oversees and to third world countries. Ethiopia is much different. It is close to my heart.

You will be overwhelmed when you step off the plane, you will be surrounded by the unknown language and some for the first time may witness what a foreigner feels when he gets off the plane in America. You will be awestruck by the poverty. You will be overcome with emotion as you wait to be united especially if you have to wait one night. Embrace it! Embrace the people, get out of the hotel. Learn a few phrases in Amharic. Learn to say Yes with no words (you raise your eyebrow and make a small grunt sound and you push your chin out). Take pictures of the kids and let them see themselves in the camera. Let go of your American expectation of order. Taste injera (once is enough :) Don't eat the cheese that looks like feta! Don't hold your head up high, and humble yourself. Remember always that this country is apart of you now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Tell me something...does your vision of tree cutting sound romantic and wonderful and ends up being something completely unplanned and revised? For instance every year I notice that when we go cut a tree down all the other families have coco and soup in their cars and I always say the same thing...."Oh that's a great idea I have to remember next year"...and then I forget. Not this year I remembered. I also remembered that we get so cold So I made the boys wear face masks to keep warm, I did this year :) So there we are at the tree farm and my four year old borrowed some boots from grandmas house, she has a plethora of boots. We didn't pack shoes for him because he would get some from grandmas where we dropped Ruby (too cold.) So we got there and found out that the boots were to small, he could not fit his fat foot in there for nothing, we even tried switching with brother who also has big feet, I do to :)! So poor A had to walk with his feet slanted in his boot, we felt so bad he ended up on our shoulders all 62 pounds of him. Then after waiting in line for Santa it was if the boys brain melted too....they forgot what to say, they were speechless, they have a list, but Santa must have scared it out of them. We finally got a tree and I had envisioned Christmas music in the back ground the house smelling like fresh baked cookies, and warm cider. The music was a yes, no cookies or cider. Its okay we got the tree in and I don't know if this ever goes smoothly with your family but our tree usually gets in with a few foul words under Franks breath, those darn screws. Then oh yea dinner.....umm....Chinese?! That's our oldest sons favorite words, Chinese take-out. We ate with our chopsticks oh so yum and bad for you Chinese takeout and laughed at our plan we had a laugh when A our four year old made up a song about eggnog. We gave our kids as we do each year a Hallmark Ornament. J got of course Chinese takeout ornament, A got a red bike because this year he learned to ride, and Ruby we found the best one for her its an African little girl.
So it was all different in my head but that's what being a family is about making the most of the moment and not sweating the small stuff....so for Christmas Eve, I have it planned out. Ham, stuffing, mashed potato's, salad, Nice roaring fire, Frank will sit down and read out of Luke, Lets see how this one ends up.
Do you have wonderful tradtions that go haywire and not as planned?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Really what's new?

Puppies...oh gotta love puppies. This is our kids joy and I gotta say there is something special about a boy and his dog or a big boy for that matter. Oh and Ruby giggles with kisses, I don't know if this is safe, but he comes up to kiss her every now and then, Its so cute.
Oh and remember that my Darling and I celebrated our 10th so the kids spent the night at grandmas and you would think we would have arranged some romantic evening! However I crawled into bed and there was ruffling going on under the sheets and it was not my sweetheart or I! When Dh starting giggling I looked and there was our Willie (THE DOG SICKOS!), enjoying this one- on- one with his parents. My sweetheart wears him in a sling around the house, and really loves him. I have to get into the love here, I am picking up poo of the ground and making sure the toys are not chewed, ahh....A puppy is like one more child no kidding.

We are happy!

Long time no post, I know. Its just been a busy few weeks. Many downs, to much to share but you know in the midst of crazy I remember to count my blessings, I have this many and tons more. So are these not a cute bunch?? Congrats to the families that just made it home From Ethiopia with there little bundles and to you who just found out, Tracie Congrats!! So do you miss my long drawn out postings or what? :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Please read this amazing story

We traveled with our sweet friends Jen and Larry to get there little girl from Ethiopia. Then the Lord had a surprise the mom brought in this little girls older brother and baby brother. Oh I cant even say it just read this blog and you will understand how amazing our Lord truly is!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mothebridge of Love

A must have for adopted families. I love this book ....take a look. Its on Ruby's Christmas list...hint hint daddy :)!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!