Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Crib mate and BFF ...Grace!

After my mayhem yesterday (read below) we meet up with Suzi and Grace. Oh I could have cried after seeing Grace again, I was so proud of her cheeks, good job baby Grace! It was a blast to see these girls look at each other and smile and make noises . It was nice to talk to Suzi and remember Ethiopia together, and our heart for the people there. Suzi and I while shopping around were asked several time if the girls were twins. If you must know they matching PJs were planned :) Looking forward to growing our girls together Suzi!


The Redman's said...

I think those two girls are the cutest baby girls I've ever seen!!!! What lucky moms. :) Hee Hee!

TedTracie said...

I know I have been to your blog before.. I think... but I was looking through your pictures and was BLOWN AWAY at how cute your baby is!!! She is a DOLL!!! I loved reading your story.

I am Tracie. I think we've probably crossed paths before (I'm friend with Julie Beeler and now my new friend Suzi has talked me through a few things :-)

We are on the baby boy list... #2 last I heard on Nov 9th. We are awaiting referral day and are busting at the seams to hear about our boy!


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