Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

My two Ninjas, yes one of them lost his shoe, and has a pumpkin muffin in hand! And the other one has his soccer cleats :) Those are my boys however! Did you happen to see the cute mermaid up above and yes, she is always smiling, ask anyone! Cute huh!


Journey of the Heart said...

SO cute!!!

Amy said...

oh my goodnes..she is the cutest thing! That first picture is adorable! Love her costume....The ninja's are pretty cute too, um..I mean tough looking. :)


adorable Natalie! I can not believe how big little roo is! I'll go add my to my blog shortly here!!

Lindsey said...

Real mermaids wear Converse!
Josiah looks like he took the ninja business pretty seriously. So him!

Coming to Amharica said...

The ninjas are scary, but the mermaid can kill ya with CUTENESS! Looks like everyone had fun!


-Dee Dee and Casey

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