Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 10 to us!

My sweetheart and I have just made 10 years of marriage, with our thrifty budget, and Christmas coming up we have IOUs to each other of a vacation....until then, free mementos will have to do :) Here is another attempt of romance......
Ten Reason why I love him!
1. He makes me coffee every single morning and when we run out he buys me a cup at our local coffee joint.
2. He is all hands on deck kinda man when he is home.
3. He is so funny, I kid you not, we laugh so hard sometimes I cry!
4. He asks if I want a mid-evening snack every now and then..... and its only because he wants permission to eat it himself!
5. He is the tower of our home!
6. He sees the silver lining reminds me to keep my chin up.
7. He is kind-hearted, loving, merciful,tender, and a rock.
8. He pays the bills, I hate doing it, and tells me everything is fine when the balance is at 0!
9. A heart full of hope.
10. He loves me for who I am for who I was and for who I am becoming. Enough said!

Love, you are my anchor, my north star, Happy tenth to us and to another 10++++++.


Taylor Madison said...

Congratulations! Happy 10th Anniversary & best wishes for the decades to come.

Kevin, Tabitha, and Taylor

Lindsey said...

Way to go guys! Happy 10!


How sweet Nat. Happy Anniversary!

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Conrats you two! I love how you can still come accross as "Seasoned newlyweds". I have no doubt about the laughing/crying. I still get looks when others look through our trip photos and see him hamming it up for Elijah's camera.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary, Natalie and Frank!

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