Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do We grow in Heaven?

The kids and I went for a walk and bike ride on a beautiful fall afternoon. The park is right next to the cemetery that Hudson's body lies. I played with the boys and Ruby sat in the stroller giggling at my attempt to climb the monkey bars, wosh, something about your body after kids...hmmm! I was not surprised when "J" wanted to go walk to Hudson's grave, I knew it was coming. The kids rode there bikes and I f followed behind preparing myself for what emotion may come. The boys found Hudson without direction from me. They set their bikes on the wet grass and ran to his grave, I counted the steeps from where the grass meets the road right to his grave so not to really think about it. 51 to be exact. I watched "J" dig his hand in his pocket a serious look on his face, he looked for something to leave with Hudson. He found a wrapper from a piece of gum he knelt down and put in on the grave. "A" climbed a statue near Hudson's grave thinking it was Jesus, he said "look mom someone froze Jesus!" I could not help but chuckle as I see his legs wrapped around the statue of St. Matthew. It really made that moment not so sad for me. We have made this a normal for us, visiting Hudson. I so ache at times, and dream to just feel his skin oh but one more time! But I must settle for the way the dust feels on my fingertips as I wipe it away from his grave side.
We walk away and "A" yells (I am sure he think he is talking normal) "Hudson we love you and we miss you so much, see you later." J then asks me "Do we grow in Heaven, like will Hudson still be small when we see him?" I baffle through what I think may be a perfeclty good explanation, but I loose him in translation. Then he stops his bike really fast looking at the ground picks up something I didn't see and says he has to do something. He takes off fast on his bike back from where we came stops at Hudson's bends down and runs back to his bike and meets up with me. "What did you do," I ask, "I found something better for Hudson." he replies so matter of fact. Very sweet.


Coming to Amharica said...

What a sweet moment when "J" thought so carefully about the treasure he'd leave for Hudson. You are obviously a woman of such strength.


Thanks for sharing yourself so opening Natalie. That little Rubes is so adorable! I love her smile.
smiling back at her,

Heckert's Highway said...

Oh my sweet boys! How precious in God's sight they must be. Can you imagine being a child and thinking someone froze God? God and all His angels must have had a good laugh at that one. God loves to be a jungle gym for little ones, I'm sure He didn't mind the confusion from "A". :0) He holds our hearts and He knows our names. He will carry "J" and I can't wait to be there to see his face when his question is answered.

Heckert's Highway said...

Oh my sweet boys, I love them so much. God must have gotten and good laugh out of A's comment. I'm sure He didn't mind the confusion, and loved that A climbed all over Him. God holds our hearts and I can't wait to see when He reveals His answer to J about Hudson's age. One day we will all be together with Him, with no hurt or pain or sadness...

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!