Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 10 to us!

My sweetheart and I have just made 10 years of marriage, with our thrifty budget, and Christmas coming up we have IOUs to each other of a vacation....until then, free mementos will have to do :) Here is another attempt of romance......
Ten Reason why I love him!
1. He makes me coffee every single morning and when we run out he buys me a cup at our local coffee joint.
2. He is all hands on deck kinda man when he is home.
3. He is so funny, I kid you not, we laugh so hard sometimes I cry!
4. He asks if I want a mid-evening snack every now and then..... and its only because he wants permission to eat it himself!
5. He is the tower of our home!
6. He sees the silver lining reminds me to keep my chin up.
7. He is kind-hearted, loving, merciful,tender, and a rock.
8. He pays the bills, I hate doing it, and tells me everything is fine when the balance is at 0!
9. A heart full of hope.
10. He loves me for who I am for who I was and for who I am becoming. Enough said!

Love, you are my anchor, my north star, Happy tenth to us and to another 10++++++.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Crib mate and BFF ...Grace!

After my mayhem yesterday (read below) we meet up with Suzi and Grace. Oh I could have cried after seeing Grace again, I was so proud of her cheeks, good job baby Grace! It was a blast to see these girls look at each other and smile and make noises . It was nice to talk to Suzi and remember Ethiopia together, and our heart for the people there. Suzi and I while shopping around were asked several time if the girls were twins. If you must know they matching PJs were planned :) Looking forward to growing our girls together Suzi!

Through these doors....

Ruby had a special appointment yesterday at UW just to find out why she isn't putting on much weight, I was not referred by my pediatrician, its just me a mom freaking out. During our visit the specialist heard a murmur in Ruby's heart and wanted her to see a cardiologist at Children's soon (not what I was expecting at all). If you know about our family, Hudson our third son passed away in the ICU cardiac wing at Children's. I know cardiologist at Children's, I love them I just never want to see them again. But there it was again in my face, I felt dizzy headed. The specialist was amazed by the "medical" knowledge I had on hearts, "are you medical"? No, I explained about Hudson and she phoned the doctors right away to have Ruby seen. I had to go back into those doors, the last time I exited was when I left Hudson's body. So you can see I had my heart in my throat. We went into the cardiologist they listened and reported that Ruby had a happy heart, nothing to worry about. Okay I can leave now...except my body pushed me to enter number 4 on the elevator and I walked to the ICUs front desk to see if my favorite nurses were at work. Front desk lady: "hi, you are here to see...?" me "Leslie, I don't know if she remembers me..(I say my name). Front lady says "Teabo Teabo...Hudson's mom?" me "YES!" in the next few minutes the nurses came out and begged me to stay to see the doctors there was a crowd around Ruby, the first time at Children's hospital, I felt joy. I walked the halls after leaving the ICU and went to my quiet spot where I would escape and just cry out to heaven while my stay last year. I smiled as I remember Hudson. As I walk I see parents thier heads hung low, there eyes filled with worry a look familiar to me. A piece of me left when Hudson passed on, one that I don't believe will ever return to me, however Ruby has brought so much peace and joy to our hearts. I thank God for bringing me full circle to see this place again, my heart not healed just bigger.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We have adopted again!

We have adopted another addition into our home...this is Wilson (Willie for short). F and I had been looking into possible dogs to fill our void of our black lab Luke, he went to go live on a farm early spring this year. It was a big loss for us and our kids have begged for him and still do. F said he can't come back from the farm :( So...we had been looking at what type of dog would be a great fit for our family. Yesterday F asked me to look at Basset Hounds online, I found a website that sold puppies for a small fortune and then there it was big bright letters "free puppy", so I clicked on it and J was right next to me as soon as he saw it He said "Mom we have got to have him", Willie is free because he was born with a half stub in the front and the description for him said he needed a loving family and that the families will be screened. So we talked about it and called. The owner called this morning and said there are 7 other families looking at him when we told her our children had prayed about him, she discovered we are believers. At the end of the conversation she said he is ours!! Willie will need some help encouraging him to walk, and I am sure my hands will be full for a bit, but the kids are in heaven! To see there little faces light up about him and to hear them excited to help him learn to walk oh it just makes my day! We will be united with Willie the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do We grow in Heaven?

The kids and I went for a walk and bike ride on a beautiful fall afternoon. The park is right next to the cemetery that Hudson's body lies. I played with the boys and Ruby sat in the stroller giggling at my attempt to climb the monkey bars, wosh, something about your body after kids...hmmm! I was not surprised when "J" wanted to go walk to Hudson's grave, I knew it was coming. The kids rode there bikes and I f followed behind preparing myself for what emotion may come. The boys found Hudson without direction from me. They set their bikes on the wet grass and ran to his grave, I counted the steeps from where the grass meets the road right to his grave so not to really think about it. 51 to be exact. I watched "J" dig his hand in his pocket a serious look on his face, he looked for something to leave with Hudson. He found a wrapper from a piece of gum he knelt down and put in on the grave. "A" climbed a statue near Hudson's grave thinking it was Jesus, he said "look mom someone froze Jesus!" I could not help but chuckle as I see his legs wrapped around the statue of St. Matthew. It really made that moment not so sad for me. We have made this a normal for us, visiting Hudson. I so ache at times, and dream to just feel his skin oh but one more time! But I must settle for the way the dust feels on my fingertips as I wipe it away from his grave side.
We walk away and "A" yells (I am sure he think he is talking normal) "Hudson we love you and we miss you so much, see you later." J then asks me "Do we grow in Heaven, like will Hudson still be small when we see him?" I baffle through what I think may be a perfeclty good explanation, but I loose him in translation. Then he stops his bike really fast looking at the ground picks up something I didn't see and says he has to do something. He takes off fast on his bike back from where we came stops at Hudson's bends down and runs back to his bike and meets up with me. "What did you do," I ask, "I found something better for Hudson." he replies so matter of fact. Very sweet.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

My two Ninjas, yes one of them lost his shoe, and has a pumpkin muffin in hand! And the other one has his soccer cleats :) Those are my boys however! Did you happen to see the cute mermaid up above and yes, she is always smiling, ask anyone! Cute huh!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!