Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting Children......

All God's Children our adoption Agency has children waiting for a home at Hannah's Hope Ethiopia the home where we got Ruby from. I got a flyer a few days ago and there is one particular child that I was drawn to, lets call her "S". "S" is seven years old, so bright and wonderful. We meet "S" at Hannah's Hope when we went to be united to our sweet baby girl Ruby. S, was at the home looking for a family since February. Since Hannah's Hope is not an Orphanage and it is a Transitional home "S" or any of the other children can not stay long term. When I opened the flyer and I saw her face I was overcome with emotion, I remembered her face as we pulled away from Hannah's Hope our van filled with children and thier new families. That day as we drove back to the airport we saw those somber faces and we didn't say much to one another. The kids were saying farewell to thier friends, waving and running behind our van, I turned and looked at these faces I left behind, I left my heart there also.

I mentioned the flyer to Frank and he immediately said we can go back! Can you believe it my husband, Mr. tight budget :) We cannot of course we have to wait 6 months before we start on the process again, and budget wise we are flat broke. Are we thinking about it, YOU BET! We can't now but if you know anyone that is wanting to grow their family through adoption there are waiting children everywhere yes....but my heart is close to the ones in Ethiopia. So I will say, open your heart to the possibility of an older child in Ethiopia. If you are interested in sponsorship also you can contact AGCI, you may sponsor a child or Hannah's Hope Home for as little as 35 dollars a month, okay now I sound like a commercial :) The picture above is of the kids shoes at Hannahs Hope.


Coming to Amharica said...

Your post brought me to tears. We are using AGCI, so we received the email about S. and know just who you're talking about. We have requested an infant boy since we don't have any children yet. We are anticipating being overwhelmed by the children and the great need in Ethiopia. We'll pray for you and S.
Dee Dee

Sarah said...

Would you mind emailing me moare about S? I know a family who has talked about adopting an older child from Ethiopia and sent for their first AGCI packet. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the child for them.


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