Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Natalie from the Block:Florida!

last week Ruby and I returned from a five day trip to Florida. As the photo journalist that I am I decided to bring my camera and as the space cadet mom brain I forgot to charge the battery before I left. So this is the only picture I captured before my camera died. Its of my Mamma (grandma)Maria. She has cancer and my trip there was last minute. She found out the cancer had returned to her body and she was not sure what she could do for treatment. Her body is to weak for Chemo and she had already tried a form of radiation. My sister, and cousins flew in for a weekend to spend time with her. It was wonderful because I am so far away, I forget where I am from. Within the first few hours of my arrival I was reminded. I love the Northwest so people that represent the NW, I mean no harm about the following. There is a HUGE difference between people from the North West and the South! First the culture in the South is very warm and friendly and there in an open door policy you can just drop on by with no call and you really don't have to have the house clean they just want to see you. Now the NW, has a different feeling, and I learned over the past ten years of living here what it is, the culture here is very reserved yet sweet, people call days in advance to come see you, (perhaps that's where the need to clean comes in lots of notice!), they want to talk about there feelings alot, (not a bad thing, in moderation!)they don't want to impose so to not upset you, they want to respect your feelings, also a great thing. Now there are both wonderful cultures, both very unique, yet very different. Its a culture I have came to understand and can now appreciate, my kids are now Northwest/southern :) I wanted to be so far from my own when Frank and I first got married that I tried all the above to acclimate to my new surroundings ,you know talk about my feelings (every one I had) can I just say I SUCK at it. Yes I have tried and it made me put my big fat foot in the mouth plenty of times, its just not me! So going back to my roots reminds me I am from the South. I am the drop by kinda kid, I really don't want to analyze my emotions, I like them right in my own head! Does this mean I don't respect people that are reserved, NO! I am just saying I am content with who God has made me, and a huge part of me is built from my family. Seeing them for who they are gave me a graver appreciation for who I am. Sure, they are loud, and they fight out in the open, but they love hard. They don't hold a grudge and then want to talk about it later, they just flat out tell ya (sometimes not nice:).
They responded to Ruby with open arms and were so happy to meet her, this made my heart swell with joy! I will post more pictures of my trip when I beg my cousin for her copies.

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Heckert's Highway said...

Being from the south myself, I'm right there with ya!!! You can drop by my house any time you'd like, please excuse the mess, and would you like some "sweet" tea?!!! I'm so glad that you're my friend!! Love ya girl!

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