Monday, September 10, 2007


Let me tell you a little about Lynette Johnson . Lynette is an amazing photographer that has created an non-profit organization called Soulumination. This team of photographers take pictures of critically ill children they capture the child for who they are without the tubes without the one hundred lines running from there weak bodies. We were fortunate to have her take Hudson's pictures I treasure these picture forever. Lynette invited us to her home/studio in Fremont for a short documentary about her work called Portraits of Hope. I had not expected to walk into this studio and feel the urge to weep. We were greeted by Lynette right at the door with a tender and warm embrace. Her courtyard was full of pictures hanging on the outer wall of the children she has been fortunate to meet and sadly had to say good bye t0. Children like my sweet Hudson. We entered into her studio to see the film, Frank and I were quiet as we reflected the priceless gift this woman has. We reflected on our Hudson, and we were brought to tears. I walked out of the room to get fresh air and noticed a woman who had the same pin I was given at Christmas from Lynette, It has a picture of a child. I knew that she too had lost a soul, so I asked, "who is your angel?" she responded my angel has been an angel for 10 days. I lost control of my composure and wept with this woman who lost her sweet Brandon. A woman came beside us and I learned she is the mom to an angel also Blake. We didn't have to say much we just knew the pain, the hole in the heart that will never again be the same. We reflected on the things our children have taught us through their little lives. We hurt, we love, we heal, but together we know without much words spoken, we know the depth of what a heart can carry. We also rejoiced in the presence of some sweet girls, Channon, Charlotte, and we got to introduce Ruby, there is something so healing about seeing a family find love in another child after the loss of another. The time with Lynette was healing and will be treasured.

I also had time to reflect on the friendships that I formed through Hudson's life. The death of a child or of a love one does test the truest of friends. The friends that wept with me, continue to heal with me and were really there, are friends that stick closer than a brother. We visited with on of these special treasures after Soulumination it was just what we needed! Thanks Mattie and Tricia!


Tann said...

Thanks for sharing this. I went to the Soulumination site and was so amazed by the families I read about, yours included. There are so many children and families who go through so much and are so strong and beautiful (I think of our Ethiopian babies, too). God Bless you and the other families mentioned. Traci


Nat, thanks for sharing yourself. Your son Hudson is beautiful.
Miss you.

Heckert's Highway said...

This woman is one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of never meeting!!! To bring such beauty out of such sorrow day after day and never allow your heart to turn hard is amazing and so difficult. We try to protect ourselves from feeling that much hurt, yet she reaches out to the hurting that much more. I am so thankful to her for the blessing she has been in your lives, and forever indebted for the beautiful legacy of Hudson in pictures that she took for us to share and remember. He is a beautiful child and I can't wait to meet him in heaven! Thank you Lynette for loving my friends!!!

Sebrina said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

ND said...

Beautiful baby girl!!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!