Saturday, September 22, 2007


This entry is about the new found interest in by boys...POKEMON!
A few weeks ago a cousin gave my oldest son two cards, my son showed a few neighbors who in turn gave him not kidding about 115 cards. We have no idea about these cards except that its very controversial among Christians such as the ever popular Harry Potter. It really bugs me when believers do not want to participate in something because it just seems bad, instead of knowing all the facts. I would rather tell my kids the fact in an age appropriate reasoning along with scripture, than to just say God told me so, or its just bad. Blindly we let these cards reside in our home our kids spent hours "trading" with each other and looking at them, I listened in on there "trades" and they really have no idea what they I did nothing about it. I let the cards come in because of there interest in them. Our oldest has been in school for a whole two weeks now and I have been noticing something I am not liking, his obsession with the cards, at first we passed it as just new and a fascination. Yet everything that he brought home in his writing had to do with Pokemon, his birthday book written by the kids in his class all had to do with Pokemon everyone knew this was his interest. The first book he checked out at guessed it POKEMON. Then brothers starting fighting over it and before you know it he ate Pokemon, slept dreaming about Pokemon and woke up thinking about Pokemon. We took them away for a Pokemon time out. We also needed to talk about the newness of this interest it spread life wildfire so we didn't even had the chance to talk.
F and I wanted to research and find out the history of the cards the game etc. Pray about it, when I prayed the same verse came into my mind..."Train up a child in the way he should go". Great no verse that says don't do Pokemon or do it, so I had to continue to pray. I had this unsettling peace about it, and I didn't like it. In my research, I knew what I would find also super charismatic Christan's saying it was from the facts. So I found it the site with the facts on what each cards means where the card game originated from etc. We learned tons of both reasons why not to do it and why its considered harmless, both have great argument supporting their agenda. I can't write about them all. Then I also found so many parents with the same complaint..over obsession and addiction to cards. I know that's strong...but its exactly what it is. We learned about many crimes committed at elementary schools because of the cards, fights, stabbing, stealing. This has not happened yet I know at our school, but I can see my sons obsession with them starting out Innocent and maybe gradually getting not so innocent. Such as sneaking behind our back to take them to school, when we already said no. Checking the books out at the Library when we told him no books allowed etc. Then like me the parents had this odd feeling about it , but could not put of finger on it. The more I researched the cards the more I realized I didn't want this to be apart of our family. (Yes a little backwards) we have both now vowed to really check things out before letting the kids do it...we were so good at it and now it just seems like we get a little more slack or comfortable because of there age.
All that to say we are done with POKEMON! We decided that our sons were very impressible and can not tell the difference between fantasy and real life just yet. We Chatted with teachers and they will happily comply...I think they don't like it either. This was hard to tell the boys, lots of tears and anger. We chatted more with our oldest and explained what idols are and that they can become anything such as Internet, TV, POKEMON :) things that take away our focus from school, family and God most of all. We both shared that we all have to shift focus sometimes when that happens and pray that God would help us meditate on Him and the things he wants us to mediate on. I just share this....only to share the daily happenings of our life here at the Tribe. We too are learning parents and I just love that I am able to share with some moms (mm) and dads (thanks CW) my concern without judgementalness (is that a word?) Thanks for reading.


Heckert's Highway said...

There is something to be said about intuitively knowing something isn't right for your family, thank you Holy Spirit. Reasearch is beneficial for explaining to your children why it isn't right. Thank you for giving me more to stand on through all of your hard work.

Lindsey said...

Wow, that must have been tough. I applaud you for being caring and involved parents! xo.

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