Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Mother where are thou?

My oldest son now seven, is in love with his sister. Now I am not just saying that he really is captured by her. When she came home he confessed to me that he didn't think she was so cute by her pictures (:) but when he saw her he thinks she is soooooo cute! He loves to feed her and a few times I have caught him wearing her in my sling ...don't worry we have really chatted about this one. I love to see the way my children have responded to there new sibling. My second was not very sure about his new baby sister. Still his role in the family has been affirmed over and over, now I just think he acts up to continue the reminders. My older guy really wants to have more siblings from Ethiopia (AS DO I:) time will tell... He tends to be overprotected of her, he will remind me "I thought no one can hold her!" or "Only you are suppose to feed her mom, remember?".
Its a very different venture for them, mom didn't grow her in her tummy, so they didn't really have a hard fact about her until the picture came. Even then...still difficult to grasp. My middle son still asks if we are going to take her back, hah! One of the things I appreciated of my oldest is he knows this baby does not replace his little brother that went on to heaven. He will not ever let me say I have three kids, no, for him its always four kids that are apart of the family. I love that.


shelly said...

sounds like your oldest son is quite the little man...so wise!...you have a lovely family!

SB said...

What a privilege to read your blog. I suppose you wouldn't have known that someone from YWAM 10 years ago in Colorado was reading this, but there you go... Thank you for sharing your journey and helping us all to learn a tiny bit along with you about God and life and love. You guys are amazing.
- Sarah Sypkes (maiden name Simmons)

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!